Karlovy Vary East of the West: Crayfish

    Bulgarian director Ivan Cherkelov unexpectedly deviates from his usual intellectual themes, turning to the post-communist mafia world in his newest film, Crayfish.

    Crayfish tells the story of two unemployed friends who lose their freedom by becoming killing instruments in the hands of competing criminals. "Different from Ivan's previous films Crayfish has a clear story line with a turning point. But still, there is a deep philosophical layer and an earnest interest in the meaning of life," said the film's producer, Rossitza Valkanova from Klas Film (www.klasfilm.com).

    Crayfish was shot in April and May of 2008 during six weeks in collaboration with national Chouchkov Brothers (www.ch-bros.com). The only financial source of the less than 600,000 Euro budget was the Bulgarian NFC public support, and the film was completed with private investments. The choice of the mainly exterior locations was made by rising art designer Vanina Geleva together with Cherkelov's close artistic collaborator and DoP Rali Ralchev. The crew was concentrated in three different places: the streets of Sofia, the mountain resort Velingrad and the beautiful Danube town Silistra.

    Son of the great Bulgarian actor Georgy Cherkelov, Ivan shows attention to casting. Two popular young actors are engaged in the main parts: Philip Avramov plays Doka (Ivan in Iglika Trifonova's Letter to Amerika, 2001) and Valeri Yordanov plays Bonzo (Stolen Eyes, 2004). Nikolai Urumov plays a Mafioso's partner to Bulgarian film director Rangel Valchanov, who appears as the Boss. Director favorite Krassimir Dokov (the Uncle) rounds out the cast.

    The world premiere of Crayfish took place on June 23 during the Moscow IFF, where the film competed in the official program.

    The local distributor and world sales agent are to be finalized by the end of the year.

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