JIDFF 2013 / Industry Newsletter 9

    Pitch It!
    This year, Jihlava IDFF will host a presentation by Sibylle Kurz, an expert in the art of pitching. Her talk will take place as part of the programme for documentary film producers called Emerging Producers. An event will also be held to celebrate the official release of the Czech translation of her book Pitch It, a publication valuable not only to film professionals as it conveys, among other things, a universal message regarding effective pitching skills. The book is published by AMU Press.

     The Transparent Landscape of Iran

    The vast empire of the Medes and Achaemenids will this year be represented by films made by great Iranian filmmakers. The originality of their filmmaking approach may take European film audience by surprise. The curator of the retrospective is the acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Mohammadreza Farzad. Iranian documentary gems will also include The House is Black, a film providing a look at the hardships of life in a leper colony, focusing on the issues of the human condition and creation.


    Competition of Documentary Film Ideas

    HBO Europe s.r.o. calls for submissions of concepts for feature documentary films. This call comes as a part of the new partnership between HBO Europe s.r.o. and Jihlava IDFF, within the framework of which HBO Europe became the general partner of the Inspiration Forum. Submit your ideas as well as projects in preparation and win funds for their development! The following areas are in focus: arts, sports, science, and social experiments. You can submit your concepts and projects by September 15, 2013. For more information click here.


    Principles of Media Communication and Ethics of Film Festival Professionals
    Among its first programme novelties, the platform for festival professionals, Festival Identity, will present a discussion of Martin Blaney and Vibeke Bryld on the principles of correct media communication. Guests of our industry section will also appreciate the participation of Sean Farnel, the author of the article Fair Trade for Filmmakers: Is It Time for Festivals to Share Their Revenue? that deals with policies and ethics of film festival professionals in relation to producers and distributors. The programme will also offer a presentation on the Vancouver Biennale, which, on various levels, provides year-round services to a number of filmmakers and develops further activities for the support of art. The registration deadline for Festival Identity is September 15, 2013.


    Best Festival Poster Competition

    The Festival Identity project is accompanied by a competition for the best festival poster. More than 50 film festivals from across three continents have so far taken part in the competition and the award went to Hot Docs in Canada or the Lithuanian Kino pavasaris. The registration deadline is September 15, 2013.


    Living Cinema Brimming with Life

    Both the Prague and Jihlava section of the Living Cinema project (August 23 - 31, 2013) attracted hundreds of visitors. The Prague screenings provided an opportunity to watch unique previews of films from the Czech Joy section directly in the documentarists’ editing rooms. Jihlava visitors, on the other hand, could watch documentaries at unusual venues such as a football stadium, train station or an organic farm. Among the most visited screenings were, for example, the upcoming film My Last 150 000 Cigarettes or the best Czech documentary of the previous year, Fortress. Click here to view a photo gallery of the Living Cinema project.


    Competition for the Best TV, Video or Online Report

    The Respekt weekly in cooperation with the Jihlava IDFF 2013 announce the 7th Respekt Award competition for the best television, video or online report of the past year. A quality report must primarily ask questions, get to the core of a specific topic, and place it in context. The aim of the Respekt Award is to highlight essential report projects of the past year that succeeded in doing so. Within the framework of Jihlava IDFF, the Award will be presented for the seventh time. The competition is not only limited to domestic topics; reports from abroad are also welcome. The registration deadline is October 4, 2013.

     Ex Oriente and East Silver Market

    Industry section activities organized by Prague’s Institute of Documentary Film (IDF) begin to take an alluring shape. Jihlava, the traditional venue of Ex Oriente Film workshop, a training programme for documentary professionals from Central and Eastern Europe working on total of 14 new film projects, will introduce some of its prominent guests to the accredited viewers. So far we can announce two names promising an extraordinary insight into their work: US cinematographer Kirsten Johnson and a director of Israeli origin Eyal Sivan. East Silver Market focusing on documentaries from the same region will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Since its establishment it has introduced 2 723 documentaries to the international professional public; this year it will offer 260 newly finished films selected from a total of 500 applications. East Silver Market regularly grants the Silver Eye award to the best documentaries together with a financial support of EUR 1 500. Winners are also supported through East Silver Caravan.


    Young Cinema

    At www.DAFilms.com summer was the time to review student films. We conclude the overview with Prague Film Academy FAMU. Some of the students of the FAMU’s Department of Documentary Film, whose films are included in the selection, which we offer for free from September 2 to 8, already have their profiles at the portal, providing our visitors with a unique opportunity to follow the creative development of these young filmmakers, who might become great documentary filmmakers one day.

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