Go Young Generation at Scanorama FF Nov. 9-29

    Co-production and master class forum Go Young Generation - is the way for the young directors to find partners for their production, discuss them, and foresee the possibilities of its realization. Master class will be exclusively held by young directors and producers, whose first attempts in filmmaking were successful, - their films won prizes, and were accepted internationally. The participants will also be young filmmakers, who still do not have such a needed experience.

    This master class and forum will be open for everybody, it is enough to have an idea and wish to discuss it, strength to defend it and wish to fulfil it. Go Young Generation will cover only feature film field (doesn't matter short or long one). It will not be a classical pitching forum, it's more a place for sharing ideas and conceptions, environment were the thoughts can be brought into the light and young directors and producers get ready for their first real start in film. Classical pitching results show that young filmmakers not always know how to present and defend their projects. We offer the solution for them.

    Go Young Generation is:

    · Screenings of films, created by young successful directors (moderators);

    · Screenings of films, created by young directors from Baltic states (participants);

    · Master class moderated by young successful directors;

    · Face-to-face conversations;

    Go Young Generation will be organized by Public Institution "Kino aljansas", which organizes Nordic Film Forum SCANORAMA, and has experience in organizing forums and master classes. That is why this forum will be arranged during Nordic Film Forum Scanorama that to l have a strong background.

    The target groups of this event are Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), neighbour countries (Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria), Balkan countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia), and experienced Nordic countries (Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland).

    Early Scanorama forums have already given some results. Discussions about fundraising for film, financial opportunities from EU funds and film promotion helped to produce Lithuanian movie "Ghetto" (dir. Audrius Juzenas, Lithuania). The film was actually a co-production and was successfully sold to some distributors in different countries. Not enough, a young script writer Saulius Drunga (Lithuania) was a winner of Media programmes competition "New talents 2007". One more example - Latvians production "Devini" is finishing the film now, whose co - production idea was born during one of the forums in Scanorama. This example shows that co-production forum has an ability to be continues event and can be directly useful not only for Lithuanian A/V professionals, but for A/V professionals from the whole young Europe.

    In 2007 Scanorama is planning to invite:

    · Pia Marais (winner of Film festival Crossing Europe Linz 2007, director of Die Unerzogenen)

    · Ognjen Svilicic (director of Sorry for Kung Fu);

    · Rachel Robey, Alastair Clark and Ken Marshall (Producers of London to Brighton, best first feature in UK);

    · Thomas Arslan (director of Ferien - screened in Berlinale (German program), Linz, etc..);

    · And others...

    Together with them there will be colleagues from European Producers Club, FIPRESCI, Kleine Kammerspiele, Film Artists Network etc.

    Last modified on 14-12-2007