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    Another View

    Chop Shop, 2007 Thirty-two films offering "another view," whether in terms of technique or content, will be presented in the Another View section of the program. If you are a moviegoer interested in new filmmaking approaches and nontraditional topics, then you certainly won't want to miss any of these movies.
    Here are some tips: the Lou Reed concert film Lou Reed's Berlin shot by a longtime fan: well-known artist and film director Julian Schnabel (Basquiat, Before Night Falls, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly); Ballast, screened at Berlin and at Sundance (where it took Best Director); a subjective documentary, awarded Best Canadian Film at the 2007 Toronto IFF, entitled My Winnipeg by Guy Maddin (The Saddest Music in the World); a social drama set in a South Korean mining town, With the Girl of Black Soil; and The Amazing Truth about Queen Raquela. A Song of Good, 2007

    This year, the section will present several movies as international or European premieres, including films from Germany: To Faro, Sweden: One Eye Red, Canada: Amal, and the Venezuelan-Peruvian production: Postcards from Leningrad.

    Another View: complete list of films and Descriptions

    A specially chosen collection of art house films, along with lesser-known works and those distinguished by their uncommon creative approach
    Absurdistan | Absurdistan
    Director: Veit Helmer
    Germany, 2007, 88 min

    An antic parable of a "war of the sexes" provoked by an acute lack of water in a desert village between Europe and Asia. Set against the backdrop of this conflict is the tragicomic story of a couple who would like to be able to enjoy their first night of passion.

    Film screenings:
    235 - 5.7., 16:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    4R4 - 7.7., 19:00, Richmond Cinema
    9H1 - 12.7., 10:00, Husovka Theatre
    Amal | Amal
    Director: Richie Mehta
    Canada, 2007, 101 min, EP

    Contemporary New Delhi, impoverished slums and luxurious mansions, street traffic, thousands of people coursing through the metropolitan labyrinth. Three of them, a poor young rickshaw driver, a little thief and a peculiar millionaire, are brought together by chance, fate and the noble fairy-tale tenet that virtue has to be rewarded.

    Film screenings:
    2E5 - 5.7., 22:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
    838 - 11.7., 22:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    9R3 - 12.7., 16:30, Richmond Cinema
    The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela | The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela
    Director: Olaf de Fleur Johannesson
    Iceland, USA, 2007, 85 min

    There are a lot of "ladyboys" to be found on the streets of Philippine Manila who entice the most aggressive of men - it is the only way they can feel like women in spite of their bodies. Raquela however is trying to escape the spiral of prostitution. This semi-documentary film about one of the many ways to find one's freedom was awarded at this year's Berlinale.

    Film screenings:
    1D9 - 4.7., 22:00, Theatre Karlovy Vary
    2H3 - 5.7., 16:00, Husovka Theatre
    4H4 - 7.7., 19:00, Husovka Theatre
    Ballast | Ballast
    Director: Lance Hammer
    USA, 2008, 96 min

    As young James is scaring off a flock of birds in a vast field, the taciturn Lawrence tries to shoot himself. Without success. What will the trip home be like? The film was in competition at the Berlinale and at Sundance where it received the award for Best Director.

    Film screenings:
    3P5 - 6.7., 22:00, Cinema GH Pupp
    8C6 - 11.7., 18:30, Čas Cinema
    9E4 - 12.7., 19:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
    Boy A | Boy A
    Director: John Crowley
    United Kingdom, 2007, 100 min

    After fourteen years Eric Wilson leaves the juvenile detention centre to begin a new life under a new name. Plunging into the world of adulthood with hope and a willingness to meet everyone's expectations, will he be able to navigate its pitfalls and defy the shadows of his past? This impressive, down-to-earth drama received the Ecumenical Jury Prize at the Berlin IFF. Andrew Garfield's performance won him a BAFTA Award.

    Film screenings:
    2P3 - 5.7., 16:30, Cinema GH Pupp
    5R2 - 8.7., 13:30, Richmond Cinema
    8R1 - 11.7., 10:30, Richmond Cinema
    Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame | Buda az sharm foru rikht
    Director: Hana Makhmalbaf
    Iran, France, 2007, 81 min

    The youngest daughter of the celebrated Makhmalbaf family of Iranian filmmakers shows the journey a little Afghan girl takes to get an education. Evocatively set in the hamlet of Bamyan, above which gapes the hole in the rock face left by the pulverised statue of a gigantic Buddha, the film offers a realistic and metaphorical illustration of the current situation in Afghanistan.

    Film screenings:
    226 - 5.7., 21:30, Small Hall - Thermal
    4L1 - 7.7., 10:30, Cinema Lázně III
    7K3 - 10.7., 16:00, Panasonic Cinema
    Correction | Diorthosi
    Director: Thanos Anastopoulos
    Greece, 2007, 83 min

    The film's unnamed hero is released from prison and finds himself on the streets with nowhere to go. What crime did he commit? And why does he wander about near the stadium during a football match between Greece and Turkey? A universal story set in contemporary Athens, awarded Best Screenplay at the festival in Thessaloniki.

    Film screenings:
    5R1 - 8.7., 10:30, Richmond Cinema
    835 - 11.7., 16:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    936 - 12.7., 19:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    Cow-Boy | Cow-Boy
    Director: Benoît Mariage
    Belgium, France, 2007, 96 min

    It's been twenty-five years since the day a socially disgruntled youth hijacked a bus full of children. Daniel, a reporter fed up with hosting a television show for motorists, and beset by problems with his partner, decides to stage a re-enactment of the hijacking using both the abductees and the abductor.

    Film screenings:
    2K1 - 5.7., 10:00, Panasonic Cinema
    736 - 10.7., 19:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    8R3 - 11.7., 16:30, Richmond Cinema
    Days in Between | Die Besucherin
    Director: Lola Randl
    Germany, 2008, 104 min

    Agnes has her work and family life in perfect order. It is only after repeatedly visiting a stranger's flat that she realises just how monotonous her life is. "To me it was less a matter of rationally understanding Agnes than of empathising with a growing feeling that proves irresistible. And then how this woman controls her loss of control," says the debuting director and screenwriter of her protagonist.

    Film screenings:
    4E4 - 7.7., 19:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
    6C4 - 9.7., 12:30, Čas Cinema
    Dead Hand Knocking | Mà morta truca a la porta
    Director: Ramón Costafreda
    Spain, 2007, 85 min, IP

    A labyrinth of stories in an urban microcosm of Barcelona, where human fates intermingle at their neuralgic points in a strange bookshop which draws together the threads of love and aging, loneliness, necessity and futility...

    Film screenings:
    4P3 - 7.7., 16:30, Cinema GH Pupp
    6R5 - 9.7., 22:00, Richmond Cinema
    9C8 - 12.7., 21:30, Čas Cinema
    Go With Peace Jamil | Ma salama Jamil
    Director: Omar Shargawi
    Denmark, 2008, 87 min

    An action drama awarded with a Rotterdam Tiger, about the age-old fratricidal enmity between Sunnis and Shiites, which takes place in a reclusive Muslim community in Copenhagen. Jamil, an immigrant, avenges the murder of his mother and thus instigates an endless spiral of senseless vendettas from which he desperately tries to save his little boy.

    Film screenings:
    535 - 8.7., 16:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    6E4 - 9.7., 19:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
    Chop Shop | Chop Shop
    Director: Ramin Bahrani
    USA, 2007, 84 min

    Twelve-year-old Latino orphan Alejandro works hard in an auto-body shop in the New York borough of Queens and tries to save up for a better future for himself and his sixteen-year-old sister. Does he have any chance of success? An unemotional, unsentimental look at the lives of outsiders on the outskirts of society that won the Independent Spirit Award in 2008.

    Film screenings:
    1D4 - 4.7., 14:00, Theatre Karlovy Vary
    334 - 6.7., 13:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    7K5 - 10.7., 22:00, Panasonic Cinema
    In the City of Sylvia | En la ciudad de Sylvia
    Director: José Luis Guerín
    Spain, France, 2007, 84 min

    A young man, an obsession and a city, three protagonists in "one of the most silent films in history", as characterised by the filmmaker himself, even though he spent most of his time working on the audio track. Screened at the Venice Film Festival, the film represents a return to the roots of cinema and was also hailed as "something completely new".

    Film screenings:
    5E4 - 8.7., 19:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
    8C4 - 11.7., 12:30, Čas Cinema
    Las Meninas | Las Meninas
    Director: Ihor Podolchak, Dean Karr
    Ukraine, 2008, 99 min

    A piece from the experimental film genus which succumbs entirely to the vivid imagination of its authors. Through the hermetic world of rituals, it mediates the experiences of a family terrorised by the whims of the adult son, who has suffered from illness since his childhood. The film also reawakens the charm of the forgotten culture of the Galician region.

    Film screenings:
    1E4 - 4.7., 19:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
    538 - 8.7., 22:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    935 - 12.7., 16:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    Let the Right One in | Låt den rätte komma in
    Director: Tomas Alfredson
    Sweden, 2008, 114 min

    Frightening, bloody and grim, but at the same time poetic and full of beauty - such is this unconventional Swedish horror movie about adolescence, love and friendship between two peculiar children, one of whom is a vampire. The story plays out in a Swedish suburb and is the work of the creator of Four Shades of Brown, screened at the KVIFF in 2004.

    Lou Reed's Berlin | Lou Reed's Berlin
    Director: Julian Schnabel
    USA, 2007, 85 min

    A recording of a one-of-a-kind live rendition of The Velvet Underground front man's legendary album made by his fan of many years, the celebrated artist and film director Julian Schnabel (Basquiat, Before Night Falls, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly). This combination of brilliantly coloured images and rock and roll has the strength of a crashing wave - both overwhelming and cleansing.

    Film screenings:
    1C8 - 4.7., 21:30, Čas Cinema
    826 - 11.7., 21:30, Small Hall - Thermal
    9D2 - 12.7., 11:00, Theatre Karlovy Vary
    Love and Other Crimes | Ljubav i drugi zločini
    Director: Stefan Arsenijević
    Germany, Serbia, Austria, Slovenia, 2007, 105 min

    Anica has decided to emigrate: but first of all that means leaving her older mobster boyfriend Milutin, for whom she used to work and hasn't felt anything for a long time. The day she is to leave behind everything that once meant something to her is complicated, however, by a declaration of love that she had given up on long ago. A magic realist drama set in modern Belgrade that tells of the courage to start a new existence and of the fortunes of Belgrade inhabitants since the fall of Milošević.

    Film screenings:
    2R3 - 5.7., 16:30, Richmond Cinema
    3L1 - 6.7., 10:30, Cinema Lázně III
    7H3 - 10.7., 16:00, Husovka Theatre
    The Most Distant Course | Zui yao yuan de ju li
    Director: Lin Jing-Jie
    Taiwan, 2007, 114 min

    The film follows three characters who liberate themselves from their ties to the world around them in order to discover themselves. Unlike other films with similar subject matter, however, The Most Distant Course avoids perfunctory or simplistic solutions. The film's impressiveness bases itself on the balance between minimalist introspective scenes and imaginative emotional confrontations.

    Film screenings:
    2L3 - 5.7., 16:30, Cinema Lázně III
    4H2 - 7.7., 13:00, Husovka Theatre
    7P5 - 10.7., 22:00, Cinema GH Pupp
    My Winnipeg | My Winnipeg
    Director: Guy Maddin
    Canada, 2007, 97 min

    Sleepwalking, horses frozen in a river, foreign lodgers, the rise and fall of the city hockey team that was even championed by spiritualist and writer A.C. Doyle. A subjective documentary film from the director of The Saddest Music in the World that was declared Best Canadian Feature Film at the Toronto IFF in 2007.

    Film screenings:
    336 - 6.7., 19:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    4H3 - 7.7., 16:00, Husovka Theatre
    8R2 - 11.7., 13:30, Richmond Cinema
    One Eye Red | Ett öga rött
    Director: Daniel Wallentin
    Sweden, 2007, 90 min, IP

    Halim has become a victim of the Integration Plan - his father's secret method of turning all immigrants into Swedes, his son in particular. Halim however has a plan of his own - he tries to become the mightiest Swedish Arabic sultan of the mind and keep his father from forgetting his Arabic roots. A multicultural comedy about the lures of life in a globalised world.

    Film screenings:
    338 - 6.7., 22:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    5H1 - 8.7., 10:00, Husovka Theatre
    9H3 - 12.7., 16:00, Husovka Theatre
    Postcards from Leningrad | Postales de Leningrado
    Director: Mariana Rondón
    Venezuela, Peru, 2007, 90 min, EP

    She was born on Mother's Day surrounded by the media, but not even the journalists knew her real name. She had to bide her time before she could reveal her identity and much more besides... A stirring portrait of the guerrilla way of life, told through the eyes of a child.

    Film screenings:
    135 - 4.7., 16:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    434 - 7.7., 13:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    5R4 - 8.7., 19:00, Richmond Cinema
    The Red Awn | Hong se kang bai yln
    Director: Cai Shangjun
    China, 2007, 101 min

    This visually captivating Chinese film, which won the FIPRESCI Prize at the Pusan Festival and the main prize at the festival in Thessaloniki, tells of the complicated bonding of an adolescent son and his father, who left years before to work in the city.

    Film screenings:
    134 - 4.7., 13:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    437 - 7.7., 21:30, Congress Hall - Thermal
    8H4 - 11.7., 19:00, Husovka Theatre
    Revanche | Revanche
    Director: Götz Spielmann
    Austria, 2007, 121 min

    Alex, a one-time petty thief, decides to rob a provincial bank to get his Ukrainian girlfriend out of a vicious circle of debt and forced prostitution. A story of crime and punishment with poised, carefully orchestrated shots that recall the style of renowned Austrian filmmakers Michael Haneke and Ulrich Seidl.

    Film screenings:
    3K1 - 6.7., 10:00, Panasonic Cinema
    8E4 - 11.7., 19:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
    9K2 - 12.7., 13:00, Panasonic Cinema
    Slingshot | Tirador
    Director: Brillante Mendoza
    Philippines, 2007, 86 min

    In the famed Manila quarter of Quiapo, an approaching holiday sends petty thieves out into the streets who live day to day with one desire: to stay alive at all cost. This dynamic group portrait, which was created in an authentic environment with the partial aid of hidden digital cameras, offers a spectacle full of dark, consuming rawness.

    Film screenings:
    8C5 - 11.7., 15:30, Čas Cinema
    9C6 - 12.7., 18:30, Čas Cinema
    Somers Town | Somers Town
    Director: Shane Meadows
    United Kingdom, 2008, 75 min

    Three intersecting railway lines with three stations - Kings Cross, Euston and St. Pancras - transform the London district of Somers Town into an island, the setting chosen by director Shane Meadows for his new social tragicomedy. This is where Tommo and Marek meet and become friends; together will the two adolescent boys, castaways in their own family environments, be able to find new meaning to life?

    Film screenings:
    1C5 - 4.7., 15:30, Čas Cinema
    7E4 - 10.7., 19:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
    9C4 - 12.7., 12:30, Čas Cinema
    A Song of Good | A Song of Good
    Director: Gregory King
    New Zealand, 2007, 84 min

    A raw drama in which social criticism is injected with a fair dose of black humour. Young Gary is trying to change his life as a junkie from the bottom up. But the barren Auckland suburb, where violence circulates just as impersonally as money and drugs, doesn't offer much hope of redemption.

    Film screenings:
    638 - 9.7., 22:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    7H4 - 10.7., 19:00, Husovka Theatre
    9H2 - 12.7., 13:00, Husovka Theatre
    To Faro | Mein Freund aus Faro
    Director: Nana Neul
    Germany, 2008, 88 min, IP

    Melanie met Jenny and fell in love. But Jenny thinks Mel is Miguel. Mel looks, dresses and acts like a boy, and people frequently take her for one. Like Jenny's friends do when the two fall in love. This tale of the obliquity (sexual and otherwise) of adolescence is a tender and beautiful film about youth and the sadness, loneliness and confusion that go with it.

    Film screenings:
    2E4 - 5.7., 19:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
    734 - 10.7., 13:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    8R5 - 11.7., 22:00, Richmond Cinema
    Vasermil | Vasermil
    Director: Mushon Salmona
    Israel, 2007, 92 min

    Israel is discussed in various contexts, but rarely as a country of immigrants who experience many of their own dramas. Three young lads in contemporary Israel find themselves at an important crossroads in their lives. Numerous circumstances threaten to make outcasts of them, but then an opportunity presents itself which helps set them in the right direction.

    Film screenings:
    2K2 - 5.7., 13:00, Panasonic Cinema
    3K5 - 6.7., 22:00, Panasonic Cinema
    8H1 - 11.7., 10:00, Husovka Theatre
    Who's Afraid of Kathy Acker? | Who's Afraid of Kathy Acker?
    Director: Barbara Caspar
    Germany, Austria, 2008, 87 min

    The very first biographic film about the legendary American feminist writer who rose out of the New York underground scene. From her beginnings as a wild punk rocker the film follows her life with similarly wild ingenuity and brutal candour, combining animation, the memories of her contemporaries and scenes adapted from her book.

    Film screenings:
    1E3 - 4.7., 16:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
    636 - 9.7., 19:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    9R5 - 12.7., 22:00, Richmond Cinema
    The Wild Bull | Valu
    Director: Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni
    India, 2008, 120 min

    The residents of a small village decide to put an end to the rampage of a wild bull that roams the area. With the help of an experienced hunter from the city and in the presence of an amateur filmmaker, they begin to organise an event which will open up their desires, dreams and conflicts. This comedy full of joy and visual energy is a vivacious parable about civilisation, innocence and freedom.

    With a Girl of Black Soil | Geomen tangyi sonyeo oi
    Director: Jeon Soo-il
    South Korea, France, 2007, 90 min

    A social drama crowned with two awards at the 2007 IFF in Venice which paints an intense picture of the absurdity of the social welfare situation in a South Korean mining town. A father of two is no longer able to make a living as a miner due to black lung, but he is also ineligible to claim retirement as he does not have sufficient medical complications.

    Film screenings:
    2E3 - 5.7., 16:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
    3R5 - 6.7., 22:00, Richmond Cinema
    6R2 - 9.7., 13:30, Richmond Cinema
    The World Is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner | Svetat e goljam i spasenie debne otvsjakade
    Director: Stefan Komandarev
    Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, 2008, 105 min

    In a fusion of comic hyperbole and Balkan charm, this film describes the eventful life of Alex, whose parents decide the family should emigrate. Tragedy strikes years later when his parents are killed in a car accident and he suffers from memory loss. He is taken back to his native Bulgaria by his eccentric grandfather Vasil, who not only restores in him a sense of identity but also an awareness that he is a true cosmopolitan.

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