Karlovy Vary Horizons section

    The Horizons section is one of the Karlovy Vary festival’s favorite traditions, presenting a cross-section of the latest in world film. At the 43rd KVIFF, Horizons will offer an exceptionally interesting selection of titles.

    Twentieth-century cultural icon Bob Dylan is the focus of the original cubist portrait I’m Not There, which earned the Special Jury Prize at the 2007 Venice IFF. Under the direction of Todd Haynes, who entrusted the role of Dylan to six different actors (including Heath Ledger in one of his final roles), the film contemplates the ever-intriguing question of what determines the identity of a human life.

    The hero of John Sayles’ Honeydripper manages a rundown bar in a small-town black community. Debts pile up, customers are hard to come by. Will the arrival of a young man with an electric guitar set more in motion than teenage dance parties? The movie, which took Best Screenplay at the 2007 San Sebastian festival, stars the outstanding Danny Glover.

    The films of Michel Gondry are always eagerly awaited. In his new film, Be Kind Rewind, Jack Black and Mos Def star as two friends who, after an unfortunate accident, begin putting together amateur versions of Hollywood hits.

    The Chinese drama Zuo You (In Love We Trust), awarded Best Screenplay at this year’s Berlinale, posits the essential question of the permanence of love and the strength of human relationships.

    I'm Not There, Horizons 2008

    Helen Hunt, the Oscar-winning star of As Good As It Gets (1997), debuts as a director with the tragicomedy Then She Found Me based on the Elinor Lipman novel.

    The action drama Tropa de elite (Elite Squad) takes us into the drug-controlled favelas of Rio de Janeiro, a city the gods have most definitely abandoned. Where does justice end and revenge begin? The film took the Golden Bear at this year’s Berlin IFF.

    The Horizons section will also welcome director Sakamoto Junji, who will be on hand for the world premiere of Yami no kodomo-tachi (Children of Darkness), a powerful Japanese film investigating child prostitution and the black market in human organs in Thailand.

    August, starring Josh Hartnett, will be screened at the Karlovy Vary festival as an international premiere. Austin Chick, who will present the film in person, is one of the most promising talents from the world of independent film. His debut, XX/XY, was presented in the dramatic competition at the 2002 Sundance festival. Chick also coproduced Sidney Lumet’s Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (2007).

    Another international premiere will be Dansen (Dancers) from Danish director Pernille Fischer Christensen. The film tells the story of a passionate love affair marred by the shadow of a secret past.


    Film screenings:
    2R2 - 5.7., 13:30, Richmond Cinema
    3H1 - 6.7., 10:00, Husovka Theatre
    7P1 - 10.7., 10:30, Cinema GH Pupp
    14 Kilometers | 14 kilómetros
    Director: Gerardo Olivares
    Spain, 2007, 95 min

    A mere 14 kilometres separate North Africa from Spain. For immigrants, however, it is an unbelievably long journey that can even take many years. But they will always keep coming, and die in the attempt, because history has shown there is no wall that could confine their dreams... All of this is captured in a film by one of Spain's most renowned documentary filmmakers.

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    Film screenings:
    4P4 - 7.7., 19:00, Cinema GH Pupp
    612 - 9.7., 11:30, Grand Hall
    August | August
    Director: Austin Chick
    USA, 2007, 88 min, IP

    A story told at a nerve-racking pace set in the Wall Street district of Manhattan, where the self-confident Tom Sterling, suggestively portrayed by Josh Hartnett, fights to keep afloat the company he shares with his brother. Power and success still seem like things of the utmost importance; it's August 2001.

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    Film screenings:
    1D6 - 4.7., 17:00, Theatre Karlovy Vary
    825 - 11.7., 18:30, Small Hall - Thermal
    934 - 12.7., 13:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    Autumn Ball | Sügisball
    Director: Veiko Õunpuu
    Estonia, 2007, 123 min

    A black (non)comedy about loneliness, desperation, hope and the eternal desire for happiness. A repulsive housing development is home to lost souls, trying to come to terms with their lives in this finely stylised film full of absurd humour. An outstanding combination of the depressive, Eastern European view of the world and the meticulous North European sense of the absurd.

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    Film screenings:
    412 - 7.7., 11:30, Grand Hall
    719 - 10.7., 23:00, Grand Hall
    Be Kind Rewind | Be Kind Rewind
    Director: Michel Gondry
    USA, 2008, 102 min

    Jack Black and Mos Def star in a new film by celebrated Michel Gondry as two friends who begin making amateur remakes of Hollywood blockbusters after an unfortunate mishap. An exaltation of movie-making handiwork, a.k.a. "Anybody Can Make King Kong".

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    Film screenings:
    125 - 4.7., 18:30, Small Hall - Thermal
    3R3 - 6.7., 16:30, Richmond Cinema
    4P2 - 7.7., 13:30, Cinema GH Pupp
    Cargo 200 | Gruz 200
    Director: Alexey Balabanov
    Russia, 2007, 90 min

    This film, hailed by Russian critics as the most important screen event of the year, draws attention to the inauspicious traits of the Russian mentality. The filmmaker strengthens his message using hyperbole not only in the thriller elements of the story but also in his choice of precise spatio-temporal setting, namely the year 1984, a period when the marasmus of the stagnating regime was at its worst.

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    Film screenings:
    5P4 - 8.7., 19:00, Cinema GH Pupp
    6R3 - 9.7., 16:30, Richmond Cinema
    8D1 - 11.7., 10:30, Theatre Karlovy Vary
    Dancer | Dansen
    Director: Pernille Fischer Christensen
    Denmark, 2008, 90 min, IP

    An attractive woman who runs a dance school with her mother falls passionately in love with a withdrawn and taciturn electrician. The intense, albeit brief moments of happiness that she enjoys in the embrace of her impulsive lover, however, are eventually accompanied by ever stronger suspicions that he is hiding some dark part of his past from her.

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    Film screenings:
    126 - 4.7., 21:30, Small Hall - Thermal
    3D2 - 6.7., 11:00, Theatre Karlovy Vary
    4R5 - 7.7., 22:00, Richmond Cinema
    Days and Clouds | Giorni e nuvole
    Director: Silvio Soldini
    Italy, Switzerland, 2007, 116 min

    A well-off, middle aged married couple is forced to confront an unexpected existential crisis. When the husband is sacked from the company he co-founded and becomes increasingly dispirited by unavailing attempts to find work, his sophisticated wife takes on the role of the breadwinner, and conflicts between the two begin to culminate.

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    Film screenings:
    3K3 - 6.7., 16:00, Panasonic Cinema
    5L4 - 8.7., 19:30, Cinema Lázně III
    Czech subtitles, no English translation Don't Touch the Axe | Ne touchez pas la hache
    Director: Jacques Rivette
    France, Italy, 2007, 137 min

    The beautiful Duchess of Langeais secures her prized trophy - the heart of a young, high-principled general, disarmed for the first time in unfamiliar territory - the deceit-ridden Paris salons in the era of the post-Napoleonic reaction. Rivette presents a merciless duel between true feelings and contrived emotion in this demanding yet masterful adaptation of Balzac's short story.

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    Film screenings:
    311 - 6.7., 9:00, Grand Hall
    519 - 8.7., 23:00, Grand Hall
    926 - 12.7., 21:30, Small Hall - Thermal
    The Elite Squad | Tropa de elite
    Director: José Padilha
    Brazil, Argentina, 2007, 118 min

    An action drama from the drug-run favelas of Rio de Janeiro, a city that the gods have definitively abandoned. Where does the law end and vengeance take over? The film won the Golden Bear at the Berlin IFF and became the box-office hit of the year in Brazil in spite of its leakage onto the pirate DVD market.

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    Film screenings:
    3P3 - 6.7., 16:30, Cinema GH Pupp
    611 - 9.7., 9:00, Grand Hall
    8K5 - 11.7., 22:00, Panasonic Cinema
    The Girl by the Lake | La ragazza del lago
    Director: Andrea Molaioli
    Italy, 2007, 95 min

    An outwardly idyllic mountain town becomes the scene of an investigation brought on by the discovery of a girl's naked corpse on the shore of a nearby lake. The local residents are bound to each other by a murky web of relationships rooted in the distant past, but this never phases the aging police inspector Sanzio. The drama set in the atmospheric Italian Dolomites is a moral whodunit almost Dürrenmattesque in style.

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    Film screenings:
    2R5 - 5.7., 22:00, Richmond Cinema
    6P4 - 9.7., 19:00, Cinema GH Pupp
    938 - 12.7., 22:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    Honeydripper | Honeydripper
    Director: John Sayles
    USA, 2007, 122 min

    Alabama, 1950. Tyrone (Danny Glover) runs a neglected bar in a rural black community. He's deep in debt and the punters just aren't coming in. Will the arrival of a young man with an electric guitar set things in motion and get the dance-crazy on their feet? Do as they do, surrender to the rhythm! The film won Best Screenplay at the San Sebastian IFF 2007.

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    Film screenings:
    7P4 - 10.7., 19:00, Cinema GH Pupp
    9R2 - 12.7., 13:30, Richmond Cinema
    Children of the Dark | Yami no kodomo-tachi
    Director: Sakamoto Junji
    Japan, 2008, 137 min, WP

    An impressive and starkly indiscriminate film that confronts audiences with the world of child prostitution and the black market in human organs in Thailand. The film does not read any melancholic sentiment into its subject matter but instead captures it with rigorous complexity. It shows not only the victims but also the weight of the guilt borne by those who supply the demand for child trafficking.

    Film screenings:
    6P3 - 9.7., 16:30, Cinema GH Pupp
    811 - 11.7., 9:00, Grand Hall
    Lake Tahoe | Lake Tahoe
    Director: Fernando Eimbcke
    Mexico, 2008, 85 min

    A bitter-sweet comedy whose surreal poetic style and absurd humour call to mind the best of Aki Kaurismäki and Jim Jarmusch. For his tale of a young man who tries to find someone who could fix his car in the dust of the Yucatan desert, Fernando Eimbcke took away the Alfred Bauer prize from this year's Berlinale.

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    Film screenings:
    2P1 - 5.7., 10:30, Cinema GH Pupp
    7R2 - 10.7., 13:30, Richmond Cinema
    The Man from London | The Man from London
    Director: Béla Tarr
    Hungary, Germany, France, 2007, 135 min

    Indirect participation in a crime transforms a life-weary harbour guard's view of fundamental existential questions in a crime story that doesn't allow itself to get tied down by the detective genre. A film noir based on the book by Georges Simenon and created by the director of Satan's Tango, starring Miroslav Krobot and Tilda Swinton.

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    Film screenings:
    1E5 - 4.7., 22:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
    5D2 - 8.7., 11:00, Theatre Karlovy Vary
    738 - 10.7., 22:00, Congress Hall - Thermal
    Night and Day | Bam gua nat
    Director: Hong Sang-soo
    South Korea, 2008, 145 min

    In this, his eighth film, South Korean filmmaker Hong Sang-soo once again discourses on the frustrations, desires and self-reflections of today's older generation, while relinquishing his classic narrative system of duplicating events. Instead, the film follows the fortunes of a dispossessed Korean in Paris through a free-form, journal-like episodic structure.

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    Film screenings:
    211 - 5.7., 9:00, Grand Hall
    619 - 9.7., 23:00, Grand Hall
    The Other Boleyn Girl | The Other Boleyn Girl
    Director: Justin Chadwick
    United Kingdom, USA, 2008, 115 min

    Young Mary Boleyn becomes the devoted lover of King Henry VIII. Her older, wilier sister Anne, however, decides to win the king's heart for herself, and has no qualms about sitting by his side as queen. Embellishing this historical costume romance, which was inspired by the novel by Philippa Gregory, are Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson in the roles of the rival sisters.

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    Film screenings:
    513 - 8.7., 14:00, Grand Hall
    8P1 - 11.7., 10:30, Cinema GH Pupp
    Czech subtitles, no English translation Paris | Paris
    Director: Cédric Klapisch
    France, 2008, 130 min

    Pierre, a professional dancer, has to change the way he views the world around him as a fatal illness looms over him. He begins to see both his nearest and dearest and people he had previously passed indifferently in the streets through different eyes... A portrait mosaic featuring an all-star cast about the residents of the magical metropolis on the Seine from the acclaimed director of the comedy Euro Pudding.

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    Film screenings:
    5D4 - 8.7., 14:00, Theatre Karlovy Vary
    7H1 - 10.7., 10:00, Husovka Theatre
    9R4 - 12.7., 19:00, Richmond Cinema
    Shall We Kiss | Un baiser, s'il vous plaît
    Director: Emmanuel Mouret
    France, 2007, 100 min

    Émilie meets the congenial Gabriel while on a brief business trip in Nantes. They spend a lovely evening together, but neither of them want a commitment as they both know that even a mere kiss is almost never without consequences. A charming romantic comedy that confirms director Emmanuel Mouret's reputation as "the French Woody Allen".

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    Film screenings:
    813 - 11.7., 14:00, Grand Hall
    Shine a Light | Shine a Light
    Director: Martin Scorsese
    USA, United Kingdom, 2007, 122 min

    A remarkable film by Martin Scorsese documenting a concert of the world-famous rock group, The Rolling Stones, held over the course of two days in the autumn of 2006 in New York's Beacon Theatre. The detailed shots of the retirement-age rock'n rollers capture their incredible energy and the way they communicate with each other on stage.

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    Film screenings:
    4D4 - 7.7., 14:00, Theatre Karlovy Vary
    5P1 - 8.7., 10:30, Cinema GH Pupp
    923 - 12.7., 12:30, Small Hall - Thermal
    A Simple Heart | Un cœur simple
    Director: Marion Laine
    France, 2007, 105 min

    A film made with Bressonesque asceticism about unfulfilled feelings and pent up passions. The heroine of the film - and of the original story by Gustave Flaubert - is a simple woman who is overlooked and pushed aside by everyone, a pure heart who is always ready to empathise and sacrifice. Sandrine Bonnaire in the role of Félicité excels in a lightly psychological performance.

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    Film screenings:
    2P2 - 5.7., 13:30, Cinema GH Pupp
    5L1 - 8.7., 10:30, Cinema Lázně III
    924 - 12.7., 15:30, Small Hall - Thermal
    Sonetàula | Sonetàula
    Director: Salvatore Mereu
    Italy, France, Belgium, 2008, 157 min

    The father of Sonetàula, a twelve-year-old shepherd, is wrongfully imprisoned between the world wars. Later, when the young man cuts the hooves of a flock of sheep in an act of defiance, he himself becomes an outlaw. The film, with its atmosphere of inner restlessness, is embellished by focused work with mise en scène.

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    Film screenings:
    3R2 - 6.7., 13:30, Richmond Cinema
    4P1 - 7.7., 10:30, Cinema GH Pupp
    The Song of Sparrows | Avaze gonjeshk-ha
    Director: Majid Majidi
    Iran, 2008, 96 min

    Karim, a peasant, loses his job and starts work in Teheran ferrying people and deliveries on motorbike in order to provide for his family. Will he be able to resist the influences that threaten his hitherto safe and simple world? This distinctive reminiscence of De Sica's Bicycle Thieves (1948) offers a metaphor for the endangered world of pure values. For his performance, Reza Najie was awarded a Silver Bear at this year's Berlinale.

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    Film screenings:
    713 - 10.7., 14:00, Grand Hall
    Then She Found Me | Then She Found Me
    Director: Helen Hunt
    USA, 2007, 100 min

    April Epner is a 39-old teacher in New York who is seeking new balance in life after the failure of her marriage and the death of her step-mother. Will she find it with the help of her eccentric real mother, Bernice, and her pupil's charming father, Frank? The tragicomedy, based on the novel by Elinor Lipman, is the directorial debut of Helen Hunt, who received an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in the comedy As Good as It Gets (1997).

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    Film screenings:
    2P4 - 5.7., 19:00, Cinema GH Pupp
    711 - 10.7., 9:00, Grand Hall
    9D7 - 12.7., 19:30, Theatre Karlovy Vary
    The Visitor | The Visitor
    Director: Tom McCarthy
    USA, 2007, 103 min

    Not every visitor is a welcome one, but Walter's rendezvous with a pair of immigrants just might open the unresponsive teacher's eyes. Sometimes it's enough just to tune in to the rhythm of someone who initially doesn't appeal to us. The second film by actor Tom McCarthy (Syriana, Flags of Our Fathers) whose debut The Station Agent (KVIFF 2006) won the Audience Award at Sundance.

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    Film screenings:
    2E2 - 5.7., 13:00, Espace Dorleans Cinema
    3P1 - 6.7., 10:30, Cinema GH Pupp
    6H4 - 9.7., 19:00, Husovka Theatre
    What If...? | Notre univers impitoyable
    Director: Léa Fazer
    France, 2007, 87 min

    Do you want to be a loved and loving wife and, at the same time, a top-notch attorney in a firm where your husband works as an attorney too? Is risky flirtation with the top boss worth the while? Léa Fazer's comedy looks feministic on the outside, but keeps in mind the age-old truths about relationships and emotions.

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