FNE Podcasts

FNE is launching an exciting new series of podcasts with industry leaders and discussions of new trends in the AV industry. 

Among the topics will be:
▸What the film industry will look like in a post-COVID-19 environment
▸The growing importance of online networks for film professionals
▸Innovation in Business and Content Models
▸Case Studies of Innovation Driven projects in Film and Audiovisual
▸Founder stories with Innovation Managers, Producers and Audiovisual Entrepreneurs

In this space in the coming months you will be able to hear not only podcasts produced by FNE but also guests from our partner organisations EUROVOD,  Media Salles, Storytek, SOFA and the Institute of Documentary Film (IDF). 

FNE IDF Podcast: True Story: Salt from Bonneville

Two Men, a Bike and a Goal. Competition from Ukraine heads west to America to explore the landscape and the inspiration of bringing salt, and a world record for speed, on a Soviet refurbished motorcycle, back from the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, to the homegrown hunger for the sport found in the Ukraine. An invigorating, joyful and expansive film. 



FNE IDF Podcast: True Story: An Ordinary Country by Tomasz Wolski

When footage from the archives of the Polish Secret Service were revealed to filmmaker Tomasz Wolski, his passion for Polish history awakened the need to create An Ordinary Country; a haunting and important remembrance about surveillance, our current behaviors and how to frame, and possibly protect, our privacy and our abilities to improve our lives.



FNE IDF Podcast: True Story: Acasa, My Home

In the wilderness of the Bucharest Delta, nine children and their parents occupied an off-grid homestead for 20 years until being chased out and forced to live in the big city. In his newest film, Radu Ciorniciuc documents the family as they face life in the system for the first time. Many difficult questions arise about the freedom and choice to: be illiterate, live off nature, ignore private property, not participate in society, and many more... 



FNE IDF Podcast: True Story: Merry Christmas, Yiwu: Mladen Kovacevic

A gorgeous multi-layered narrative of factory and family life in Yiwu, China. How we consume, how we live, and a beautiful exploration of values, culture and questions regarding our global economy are raised in this True Story conversation. 



FNE IDF Podcast: True Story: Her Mothers (Asia Dér, Sara Haragonics)

Directors Asia Dér and Sári Haragonics follow Virág, a former politician, and her partner Nóra, a musician, as the two gay women try to adopt a child of Roma origin. But tensions begin to rise as Virág thrives in her role as a mother and Nóra struggles to find her place within the family. As homophobia begins to overflow into their family, they must face the difficult decision of whether to leave their country behind.



FNE IDF Podcast: True Story: Wolves at the Borders

In Martin Pav's Wolves at the Borders the fight between Man vs. Nature and our role in the ecosystem continues, and in this True Story interview, Martin and Nicole discuss culture clash, ecology and how we can all learn to talk about difficult topics.



FNE IDF Podcast: True Story: Caught in the Net: Documentary Producer Pavla Klimešová

We speak with Pavla Klimešová the producer of the Czech documentary Caught in the Net by Vít Klusák and Barbora Chalupová

A powerful, important and necessary film for all to watch in our times. An invigorating interview with producer Pavla Klimesova, where questions of morality, education and empathy are raised while we all look to our complicitness in how we can better protect our children.



FNE IDF Podcast: True Story: Town of Glory

Do you feel young people and children in the West know less and less about World War II? Should we know more? And how should we frame these important stories? In the newest film, Town of Glory, Russian film director Dmitry Bogolyubov shares with us a particular version of "remembering" heroes of the war. We learn about the town and people of Yelnya, 400 km from Moscow, and how propaganda affects the human minds of both adults and children. We asked questions in this vein, and much more, in this interview with Dmitry Bogolyubov during his latest visit to Prague.