Croatia Funds Docus and Michael Jackson Co-Production


    ZAGREB: The Croatian Audiovisual Centre has granted 894,117 EUR/6,714,410 HRK in its latest session.

    Most of the money, 684.384 EUR/5,139,409 HRK, went to production grants for long and short documentaries, animated films and experimental films, including finished projects.

    The feature film Monument to Michael Jackson (Spomenik Majklu Džeksonu) by Darko Lungulov, a minority Croatian co-production with Serbia, received 57,260 EUR/430,000 HRK, and two animated films made with Croatian minority co-producers Bonobo studio (www.bonobostudio.hr) and Aning usluge d.o.o. (aning.hr) also won production grants. All in all, the centre granted 118,516 EUR/890,000 HRK to minority co-productions.

    In the same session, the organization financed other new projects with script development and project development grants.

    You can find the complete grants table here.