The amount of expenditure tripled in Croatia in 2013

    A Patriotic Man by Arto Halonen A Patriotic Man by Arto Halonen

    ZAGREB: The total amount of the expenditure for the four projects which were part of  the  cash  rebate  scheme  in  2013  was  around  9.4mEUR.  The  amount  was approximately 3.3m EUR in 2012.

    The projects benefitting of the cash rebate scheme in 2013 were: A Patriotic Man (produced by the Finnish Art Films in coproduction with MP Produckcija); Jasmila Zbanic's Island of Love (involving German company Komplizen Film, Swiss company Okofilm Productions, Bosnia’s Deblokada and Croatia’s Produkcija Živa), Itsi Bits (Danish production company Nimbus films with Croatian MP Produkcija providing services), and Game of Thrones, Season 4 (an HBO production with Embassy Films providing services).

    Ana Delić, the new head of the Filming in Croatia Department from the Croatian Audiovisual Centre told FNE that two more TV series are expected to shoot in Croatia later this year. “One already applied for the tax rebate scheme and the other is in the process of collecting of the required information for the application”, she said but she couldn’t disclose their titles yet. The third season of the series Borgia (produced by the French company Atlantique Productions and Canal Plus, in coproduction with the German EOS Entertainment and the Czech company Etic films was shot in Croatia in January 2014 (after filming in the Czech Republic and before moving to Italy).

    The Croatian tax incentive is 20% of the total expenditure. HAVC launched the cash rebate scheme in January 2012. Five projects benefitted of the scheme in the first year.