FNE at Berlinale 2015: Croatian Film in Berlin

By Croatian Audiovisual Centre

    The 65th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival takes place 5-12 February. The Generation 14plus section shows premieres of the short film Picnic by Jure Pavlović, and Berlinale Talents presents two Croatian producers: Zvonimir Munivrana and Danijel Pek.

    Picnic by Jure PavlovicThe short film Picnic, directed by Jure Pavlović, will screen in Generation 14plus, a competition consisting of films focusing on children and adolescents. It is a story about 15-year-old Emir, who visits his father in the company of his social service guardian. The father is serving a prison sentence in the semi-open ward of the Igman prison. With Picnic, Pavlović last year took part at Short Film Station Berlinale Talents platform’s workshop, and he presented the same project last year at Euro Connection, a short film market in Clermont-Ferrand.

    This year’s Berlinale Talents, the training and networking platform, is hosting two Croatian producers. Zvonimir Munivrana from Corvus film produced feature fiction film The Last Will and Children of the Fall, which he also wrote, and a mini-serial U stanici. Danijel Pek from Antitalent Produkcija is best known for his feature fiction film Vis-À-Vis, and at Berlinale he is presenting his three projects in the making: the feature fiction film Goran, directed by Nevio Marasović, feature documentary film Storks, directed by Tomislav Jelinčić, and short fiction film Eye for an Eye, directed by Antoneta Kusijanović.

    European Film Market (EFM), an audiovisual industry market, takes place at the festival. The Croatian Audiovisual Centre has a stand in Martin Gropius-Bau museum, where all the interested festival programmers, distributers and other film professionals will be able to gather all information on contemporary Croatian cinema. A special publication was issued for production and placement purposes, Love Croatian Features 2015, intended for feature films scheduled to be completed by June 2015, downloadable on this link.

    The 65th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival takes place 5-12 February 2015. Check out more information on the official website.