Blitz-CineStar Opens Largest Cinema in Dalmatia


    SPLIT: CineStar 4DX Mall, opened in Split on 1 December 2017, is Blitz-CineStar's 14th multiplex in Croatia and the largest in the Dalmatia region. Blitz-CineStar is the largest and most successful exhibition company in ex-Yugoslavia.

    CineStar 4DX Mall has nine screens, 1,386 seats, a unique eXtreme screen and a revolutionary 4DXTM screen. The total investment of Blitz-CineStar and its partners from Mall of Split is more than 5 m EUR. This is the second multiplex that Blitz-CineStar opened in Split.

    CineStar is the first cinema chain that introduced in Croatia 3D technology, Auro 11.1 3D sound, 4K technology as well as the ultra-superior cinema formats such as IMAX, 4DX and Gold Class, and latest, unique Boutique Cinema, a new concept in cinematic experience.