FESTIVALS: Animafest Zagreb Announces 2021 Competition Films

    Prince in a Pastry Shop by Katarzyna Agopsowicz Prince in a Pastry Shop by Katarzyna Agopsowicz source: Polish Shorts

    ZAGREB: Animafest Zagreb, which will be held 7 – 12 June 2021, has announced the animated films selected for its competition sections.

    Films from Croatia, Estonia, Hungary and Poland are among the participants of the festival’s main competition of short animated films. The festival will also have a competition of Croatian films and a student film competition.

    A symposium on contemporary animation studies will take place on 8 and 9 June.


    A Little Too Much (USA)
    Directed by Martina Scarpelli

    Affairs of the Art (UK, Canada)
    Directed by Joanna Quinn

    Anna, Cat and Mouse (Russia)
    Directed by Varya Yakovleva

    Awkward (USA)
    Directed by Nata Metlukh

    Can You See Them? (Croatia)
    Directed by Bruno Razum

    Easter Eggs (Belgium, France, Netherlands)
    Directed by Nicolas Keppens

    Forever (USA)
    Directed by Mitch McGlocklin

    Friend of a Friend (France)
    Directed by Zachary Zezima

    Gold is Eating People (China)
    Directed by Xia Su

    Grey to Green (South Korea, Chile)
    Directed by Marcos Sánchez

    Happiness (Russia)
    Directed by Andrey Zhidkov

    Hide (France, Hungary, Canada)
    Directed by Daniel Gray

    Hold Me Tight (Belgium, France)
    Directed by Mélanie Robert-Tourneur

    Homeless Home (France)
    Directed by Alberto Vázquez

    In My Chest Of Fire There Is Still Place To Temple Your Dagger (Spain)
    Directed by Pablo Ballarín

    Maalbeek (France)
    Directed by Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis

    Mad in Xpain (Spain)
    Directed by Coke Riobóo

    Monachopsis (Belgium)
    Directed by Liesbet van Loon

    Night Bus (Taiwan)
    Directed by Joe Hsieh

    Orders (Spain)
    Directed by Aleix Pitarch

    Orgiastic Hyper-Plastic (Denmark, UK)
    Directed by Paul Bush

    Powerwash (ILove You) (UK)
    Directed by Rory Waudby-Tolley

    Precious (Poland)
    Directed by Paul Mas

    Prince in a Pastry Shop (Poland)
    Directed by Katarzyna Agopsowicz

    Salvia at Nine (South Korea)
    Directed by Nari JANG

    See Me (Netherlands)
    Directed by Yvonne Kroese, Patty Stenger

    Selection Process (Spain)
    Directed by Carla Pereira

    Sfumato (USA)
    Directed by Robert Seidel

    Study of Color and Gesture (Brazil)
    Directed by Tetsuya Maruyama

    Swipe (Pakistan)
    Directed by Arafat Mazhar

    Tales from the Multiverse (Denmark)
    Directed by Magnus Igland Møller, Peter Smith, Mette Tange

    The Deep Water (Ukraine)
    Directed by Anna Dudko

    The Fourth Wall (Iran)
    Directed by Mahboobeh Kalaee

    The Girl Who Stood Still (Portugal)
    Directed by Joana Toste

    The Moon (Poland)
    Directed by Tomasz Popakul

    The Owl and the Pussycat (UK)
    Directed by Mole Hill

    The Raft (Croatia)
    Directed by Marko Meštrović

    The Stork (Estonia)
    Directed by Lucija Mrzljak, Morten Tšinakov

    The Train Driver (Germany)
    Directed by Zuniel Kim, Christian Wittmoser

    Tom (Brazil)
    Directed by Felippe Steffens

    Trona Pinnacles (France)
    Directed by Mathilde Parquet

    Under the Skin, the Bark (France)
    Directed by Franck Dion

    We Were a Sterile Bomb (Israel)
    Directed by Dotan Moreno

    Your Own Bullshit (Poland)
    Directed by Daria Kopiec