Croatia gets EFP Up Next! spot

By FNE Staff

    Croatian distributor Martin Milinkovic has been chosen to participate in European Film Promotion's (www.efp-online.com) Up Next! presentation on September 20 and 21 at the San Sebastian film festival.

    Milinkovic is one of ten young, up-and-coming distributor selected, and the only distributor from CEE territories, for the third edition of the annual event. He is the Managing Director of Continental Film based in Zagreb, a leading film and video distribution company in Croatia.

    Among the company's current releases are Salt, Night and Day, and Prince of Persia.

    "Distribution these days is confronted by enormous changes," said Renate Rose, managing director of EFP. "It is a great challenge deciding which will be the successful way of distribution for the future and how to improve international circulation. EFP sees the need to support the discourse among these professionals who must operate with creativity, courage and sensibility in order to strengthen their position in a complex market dominated by the major studios."


    Martin Milinkovic

    Continental Film d.o.o.
    Zavrtnica 17
    Tel. : +385 1- 6194 660
    Fax : +385 1- 6194 663
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