Czech TV Plans Kids Channel

By Michal Prochazka

    PRAGUE: Public broadcaster Czech TV is preparing to launch CT3, a channel broadcasting childrens programming, by the end of 2012. A minimum of eight million euros annually is earmarked for the new channel.

    ČT3 is at the top of the agenda of the new director of CTV (www.cestatelevize.cz) Petr Dvořák who presented details to the board in early June 2012.

    "ČT3 should focus mainly on children 4 to 8 years old and 9 to 12 years old, and its general program structure starting everyday at 16:00 is already set up," said Dvořák. He said he wants to keep the traditional Caech format of seven minute animated bed time stories, but also plans to develop 25-minute animation series -- a new format for the Czech Republic. The program of ČT3 will be completed by familly and adventures series, children shows and foreign made fairy tales. Late evening (after 22:00) will consist of programming for 13-18 year olds.

    Local filmmakers and producers especially in animation hope that it could restart new production for Czech TV that is currently on the stand by. "The cheapest version will cost 195 million CZK (8 million euros) with less original new Czech production and more acquisitions and old films. The optimal budget would be 9 till 10 millions of euro," said Dvořák. The project of ČT3 will go up for approved at the Czech Television board meeting on 11 July. The new proposal is considered on of the reasons Dvořák was elected as the director of the ČT at the start of 2012.