FNE at Berlinale 2017: Czech Film in Berlin

By Czech Film Center

    Disover more about Czech films at Central European Cinema, Stand No. 137, Martin-Gropius-Bau.

    The Berlin Film Festival will present in various sections four movies which were shot in the Czech production or co-production with Czech participation. Czech Film Center will as usually provides facilities for Czech and foreign professionals at the European Film Market.

     The main competition section will present Agnieszka Holland´s Spoor; the Berlinale Special section will introduce the international premiere of A Prominent Patient by director Julius Ševčík. In the section Generation Kplus will be released the second feature of Iveta Grofová Little Harbour and the Berlinale Retrospective includes the restored version of Czech sci-fi classic Ikarie XB 1 by Jindřich Polák.

     Five other movies with Czech co-coproduction participation will be introduced at the European Film Market 2017: I Love You Heavenly (director Miroslav Šmídmajer, CZ 2017),  Tiger Theory (director Radek Bajgar, CZ, SK 2016),  The Chronicles of Melanie (director Viestur Kairish, LV, CZ, FI 2016),  The Constitution (director Rajko Grlić, HR, CZ, SI 2016) and The Man (director Charlotte Sieling, DK, CZ, NO 2017).

    Cental European Cinema, stánek č. 137, Martin-Gropius-Bau

    Markéta Šantrochová - Head of CFC
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    9. - 18. 2. 2017
    Barbora Ligasová - Festival Relations - Feature Films
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    8. - 17. 2. 2017
    Martin Černý - Festival Relations - Documentary & Short Films
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    10. - 16. 2. 2017


    A PROMINENT PATIENT by Julius Ševčík / CZ, SK 2016


    Winter 1939. Flamboyant Czech diplomat Jan Masaryk has fled to America to escape his recent past. Germany has invaded Czechoslovakia and Masaryk is now a man without a nation. In America, he tries to forget the personal and political betrayals he and his country have suffered – but these events shadow his every step. Having served as the Czechoslovak ambassador in London, Masaryk had failed to win the support of the British and could not avert the ruination of his country. With the help of Dr. Stein, a German immigrant and psychiatrist, and the beautiful writer Marcia Davenport, Masaryk tries to overcome his demons and relives the dramatic events leading up to the outbreak of the Second World War.

    FEB 11 / 15:30 / CinemaxX 10 / EFM – BUYERS ONLY
    FEB 12 / 11:00 / Cinestar 4 / EFM – BUYERS ONLY
    FEB 15 / 21:30 / CinemaxX 9 / PRESS
    FEB 17 / 20:00 / Kino International / PREMIERE
    FEB 18 / 18:00 / Cubix 8
    FEB 19 / 14:00 / CinemaxX 7


    LITTLE HARBOUR by Iveta Grófová / SK, CZ 2017


    A story inspired by true events about two children whose innocent play will change their lives forever. Ten years-old and living with a mother who is not yet ready to be a Mum, Jarka is pushed by her desire to love and form a family to the point where she finds herself giving shelter to two abandoned twin babies.

    FEB 11 / 16:15 / CinemaxX 12 / EFM
    FEB 12 / 10:00 / HKW / PREMIERE
    FEB 13 / 15:30 / Filmtheater am Friedrichshain
    FEB 13 / 18:30 / CinemaxX 12 / EFM
    FEB 17 / 15:30 / Zoo Palast 1


    SPOOR by Agnieszka Holland / PL, DE, CZ, SE, SK 2017


    Duszejko, an eccentric retired construction engineer, an astrologist and a vegetarian, lives in a small mountain village on the Czech-Polish border. One day her beloved dogs disappear. A few months later she discovers a dead body of her neighbour, a poacher. The only traces leading to the mysterious death are those of roe deer hooves around the house. As time goes by, more grisly killings are discovered. The victims, all hunters, belonged to the local elite. The police investigation proves ineffective. Duszejko has her own theory: all murders were committed by wild animals…

    FEB 10 / 14:45 / CinemaxX 4 / EFM - BUYERS ONLY
    FEB 12 / 9:00 / Berlinale Palast / PRESS
    FEB 12 / 16:00 / Berlinale Palast / PREMIERE
    FEB 13 / 9:30 / Friedrichstadt-Palast
    FEB 13 / 12:00 / Haus der Berliner Festspiele
    FEB 13 / 15:30 / CinemaxX 10 / EFM
    FEB 14 / 12:15 / Zoo Palast 1
    FEB 19 / 21:30 / Haus der Berliner Festspiele


    IKARIE XB 1 by Jindřich Polák / Czechoslovakia 1963


    It is the second half of the 22nd century and a spaceship called Ikarie XB 1 is on its way to Alfa Centauri to search for extraterrestrial forms of life. Its crew, made up primarily of scientists from various fields, being far from our solar system, is exposed to unknown and unimaginable dangers. At the same time, though, it also carries a number of ordinary human worries as well as joys. The only classical Czech sci-fi movie exerts masterful special effects and impressive production design together with modern electronic music and strong ensemble cast. The film is said to be among the germane sources of inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    FEB 12 / 19:00 / CinemaxX 8
    FEB 19 / 14:30 / Zeughauskino


    I LOVE YOU HEAVENLY by Miloslav Šmídmajer (CZ 2017)
    FEB 10 / 9:45 / CinemaxX 18

    THE CHRONICLES OF MELANIE by Viestur Kairish (LV, CZ, FI 2016)
    FEB 13 / 13:00 / CinemaxX 16

    THE CONSTITUTION by Rajko Grlić (HR, CZ, SI 2016)
    FEB 10 / 18:30 / CinemaxX 16

    THE MAN by Charlotte Sieling (DK, CZ, NO 2017)
    FEB 11 / 10:45 / Arsenal Cinema 2

    TIGER THEORY by Radek Bajgar (CZ, SK 2016)
    FEB 10 / 13:30 / dffb Cinema