Czech Film Industry Expected to Reach Pre-Pandemic Numbers in 2021

    Women on the Run - The commercially most succesfull Czech film of 2019 Women on the Run - The commercially most succesfull Czech film of 2019 photo: CinemArt

    PRAGUE: The Czech Film Fund expects the volume of filming in the country in 2021 to reach the level of the pre-pandemic year 2019, which was a record-setting season for the Czech cinema. This result could be reached through keeping up the interest of foreign productions in shooting in the country.

    Approximately 350 m EUR / 9 billion CZK was spent by foreign filmmakers in the Czech Republic in 2019. Similar results could be expected in 2021, because of productions by Netflix, Amazon, Lionsgate, NBC, Universal, ZDF or Sky, which are expected to be shot in the Czech Republic.

    "Many of these productions are set not only in Prague, but also in other regions, which means big help for all parts of the Czech Republic. I would like to remind that 60% of the money spent goes to companies outside the film industry itself," explained Helena Bezděk Fraňková, the director of the Fund.

    Helena Bezděk Fraňková sees a potential to recover the losses from 2020, and one of the key aspects of achieving this is the amount of state incentives, which has to be increased from an average of 31 m EUR / 800 m CZK to at least 50 m EUR / 1.3 billion CZK, as it was in 2019.

    According to the Czech Film Fund, the trend is mostly led by TV and streaming productions, which have shown a growing potential in pandemic times.