Tenth Anniversary of dok.incubator

By dok.incubator

    This year marks the 10th anniversary of dok.incubator, a decade in which the film workshop worked with 159 documentaries and led many of them to awards at the world's top festivals. The workshop is now accepting applications for the 2022 edition.

    Over the past 10 years the workshop has helped 12 films to get into Sundance competitions, 30 films were screened at IDFA and 5 were nominated for the European Film Award. "The workshop participants go from working on the cut to thinking through the complex journey of the film, which they've never done before. They're not only looking at the story, but also at the audience, marketing, and distribution. They go so much further, and when the film is finished, it can successfully make its way through the system," adds Andrea Prenghyová, the workshop founder and director.

    The 2021 edition

    10 years of existence is a great reason to celebrate, even in these complicated times. For that occasion the dok.incubator team organized a showcase of five films that came out of the workshop at this year’s Ji.hlava IDFF. And then brought the eight films of 2021 to IDFA for the official preview event. 

    The films selected for the 2021 edition of dok.incubator deal with different themes, show various ways of storytelling and very different countries which the filmmakers come from, including Venezuela, Nordic countries, Spain or Eastern Europe. There is a story of a single mother, searching justice and safety for her kids (film Too Close), a personal documentary of an activist fighting for animal rights (film We Are Animals) or the life journey of a political prisoner and his family (film My Father’s Prison). That makes this year’s films a perfect representation of the diversity of both, documentaries, and today’s world.

    How it works

    The workshop cooperates with prestigious festivals in Europe and America, and selectors from Sundance, Tribeca, Hot Docs, IDFA or Berlinale often come there to choose films for their competitions, because it is a guarantee of quality for these competitions. At the same time, dok.incubator works with the people who help to market and distribute films, the sales agents, which is a great benefit for the workshop participants.  

    The tutors of the workshops are people from the industry, very experienced producers, marketers, and editors who themselves regularly have films at top festivals. It is their practical experience that is crucial for the success of the workshop. And that is the way how the participants learn all the important parts of the process - by applying it directly to their films, for example coming up with their actual marketing and distribution plan.

    The deadline for 2022 edition is on January 26, 2022, more information can be found here.

    Selected statistics:

    159 films in all workshops
    30 films at IDFA
    12 films in Sundance competitions
    5 European Film Awards nominations
    2 Emmy Awards nominations