Czech television to produce 10 films in 2008


    Česká televize (Czech television) has unveiled plans to invest more than 100 million crowns (€3.6 million) in about 10 new films in 2008.

    "We are not interested only in commercial success in cinemas," general director Jiří Janeček told a news conference. "We would like to support debuts, young directors and screenwriters, and valuable art production."

    Janeček said Česká televize also seeks to support film production for children, especially full-length fairy tales, whose production is usually very expensive.

    This year, Česká televize is responsible for coproducing eight films, according to director of production Václav Myslík, who also spoke at the briefing Aug 22.

    The 2007 list includes the full-length documentary Marcela by Helena Třeštíková, the black teenage comedy Pusinky by Karin Babinská, and the big-budget historical film Bathory by Slovak director Juraj Jakubisko.

    With an international cast and a budget of about 300 million crowns (€10.8 million), Bathory is the most expensive film yet originating in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Bathory-the film is also called Love Story Bathory-is based on the life of Erzsébet (Elizabeth) Bathory, a Hungarian countess from the 16th century reputed to be the greatest murderess in history. It will be released in October