Production: Czech 3-D animated film sets 2010 release date

By Irena Zemanova

    Czech puppet animation feature Fimfárum 3 by directors Vlasta Pospíšilová, David Súkup and Kristina Dufková is set to be released in autumn 2010, producer Martin Vandas announced.

    The film is the last installment of an animated trilogy produced by Maur Film www.maurfilm.com.

    "With a budget of more than 30 million crowns (1.2 million euros), Fimfarum 3 is the most expensive movie from the trilogy," Vandas told FNE. Czech television (www.ceskatelevize.cz) coproduced the latest movie. "We also received a CZK 5 million grant (193,000 euros) from Czech State Fund for Support and Development of Cinematography," he added.

    The film, using the subtitle Fimfarum 3: The Third Time Lucky, combines classic puppet animation and computer animation produced in 3D stereoscopic technology. It consists of three fairy tales based again on a book by Jan Werich.

    "As Werich's fairy tales hold continual significance and a message even for today's filmgoers, it was only a question of time and energy when it would happen," Vandas said. "However, we wanted to modernize the style and make it more attractive for the younger audience." Some characters are digitally created, while others are represented by classic puppets. "Combining classic and a stereoscopic animation technology will be the hardest part of the production," Vandas told FNE.

    Súkúp is principal animator and director of the 40 minute long segment, currently in production. Two other shorter segments are already in post production.