FNE VISEGRAD FORUM: Czech film production

    In Czech cinemas, domestic films, particularly comedies outperform Hollywood, thanks to loyal Czech audiences.

    In recent years, 20-25 Czech full length movies enter Czech cinemas, many of them supported by grants from the Czech Ministry of Culture´s State fund for support and development of cinematography. In 2009, CZK 222.6 million went into film production and distribution, comparable to 2008.

    Protector, the big-budget war drama and Oscar entry by director Marek Najbrt and Negativ company (www.negativ.cz), received one of the largest grants: CZK 16 million for its CZK 65 million budget.

    A second war drama now in production, Lidice by director Alice Nellis and production company Bioscop (www.bioscop.cz), received an even larger grant: the CZK 70 million film received a grant of CZK 20 million crowns.

    2010 will bring several animation movies to the cinemas cinemas - Fimfarum 3 by directors Vlasta Pospíšilová, Kristina Dufková and David Súkup which received a CZK 5 million grant, and The Little Fishgirl by director Jan Balej, that received a record CZK 10 million grant for animation. Both movies are produced by Maur film (www.maurfilm.cz).

    Among the most successful 2009 movies in Czech cinemas are comedies, such as Grapes 2 by director Vlad Lanné and production company Bioscop with 300,000 viewers after five weeks and You Kiss like God by director Marie Poledňáková and production company Falcon (www.falcon.cz), with 950,000 viewers.