Bathory producers fend off bankruptcy petition


    A Prague city court has rejected a motion to declare bankrupt the production company owned by Juraj Jakubisko and his wife Deanna Jakubisková, after the couple presented evidence they had paid all the disputed bills.

    The couple recently finished Bathory, a Czech-Slovak-Hungarian-British co-production that cost €11 million-the most expensive movie ever to originate in Central Europe. Release of the film has been postponed several times, but now is planned for July 10.

    The bankruptcy petition was filed by František Urban and the company Noon-Filmtechnik (www.noon.cz), which cooperated on the Bathory movie, according to Czech websites www.ihned.cz and www.novinky.cz.. Noon-Filmtechnik, which provides stage lighting and other services, claimed Jakubisko Film (www.jakbiskofilm.com) had unpaid debts amounting to 904,000 crowns (€35,000).

    Deanna Jakubisková described the claim as "completely baseless and false." She said Jakubisko Film provided evidence to the court that all bills and invoices were paid, after which the petition was dismissed.