The Two Borgias

By Irena Zemanová

    The Czech tax incentives system has attracted a big-budget french-german coproduction to Prague's Barrandov studios. The Borgias, a 12 episode Tv series based on the 15th century italian aristocratic family, is planning a 10 month shootthrough May 2011, Štěpán Červený of Barrandov Studios (www.barrandov.cz) confirmed.

    "We are already building exteriors and interiors, including the historical St. Peter´s Square in Vatican and Sistine Chaple by Michelangelo," Červený, who is also a director of Barrandov Decorations´ Division, said

    The Barrandov series is one of two projects about the Italian dynasty. An Irish-Canadian coproduction by Showtime Networks (www.sho.com) with Jeremy Irons in the title part of the pope Rodrigo Borgia is being produced in Korda Studios in Budapest, Hungary.

    "I have to confirmed that Barrandov´s The Borgias, coproduced by France, Germany and Italy and directed by Olivier Hirschbiegel, is a different project from The Borgias of Hungary. I just spoke to Czech medias and corrected the previous wrong information they had," Dušana Chreneková of Barrandov Studios informed FNE Tuesday, August 24.

    The Borgias series which is going to be produced at Prague Barrandov studios is coproduced by France's Atlantique Productions company, an international film division of Lagardere Entertainment (http://www.lagardere-entertainment.com/en/our-businesses/atlantique/ ), German production company AOS (www.advanceordersystems.com) and Prague based Etic Films company (www.etic.cz)

    Oliver Hirschbiegel is directing the series, while cinematographer Ousama Rawi, who also cooperated on the Tudors series, is also on The Borgias producing team. Acording to Chreneková of Barrandov studios, neither the cast nor the budget have been announced yet.

    Atlantique Production has signed American screenwriter Tom Fontana to produce a series of 12 60-minute episodes dealing with the Borgia family for Canal+. The theme of the series will be the history of this famous family of Spanish origins, its rise to power and its domination of the Vatican during the Renaissance.

    Czech coproducer of The Borgias series:
    Etic Films - Etic Picture