New general director for Barrandov

By FNE Staff

    Barrandov Studios announced the appointment of Jana Vozarova as general director of the studio and head of its new digital TV venture, TV Barrandov, in a press release on May 7. Vozarova replaces Vladimir Kuba, who appears to have been pushed to resign by the director of Moravia Steel, Barrandov's parent company.

    Vozarova was serving as financial director for Barrandov Studios (www.barrandov.com) and vice chairman of the board of directors. Both Kuba and Vozarova were appointed to their former positions in December 2006. Kuba added responsibility for TV Barrandov at the end of 2007.

    TV Barrandov was one of six channels to win digital broadcasting licenses in the Czech Republic. It is to begin operating a full platform of Czech and European production, along with Barrandov's own films and news, before September. TV Barrandov was managed by two directors prior to Kuba, one leaving for TV Prima and another leaving due to financial fraud, according to local newspaper, Tyden. Barrandov Studio is currently host US film production G.I. Joe, based on the action figure toy.