CME Sells Czech Series to U.S.

By FNE Staff

PRAGUE: MediaPro Distribution, the sales agent for Central European Media Enterprises (CME, www.cetv-net.com ) announced a deal to develop the Czech crime series Organized Crime Unit in the U.S. The Czech series is produced by leading commercial broadcaster Nova TV.

The agreement was concluded with Resonant TV, which develops formats for international markets, and Fluent Media Group.

The story centers on an elite crime unit that teams up with gangsters for complete control.

Raul Mateu, President of Fluent Media Group and the future executive producer of the series said in a statement, "I love finding gems from markets that have never before been explored and OCU is an excellent series that grips you from the first scene."

Gonzalo Cilley, President of Resonant TV, added, "We are great believers in the potential of unique scripted series, regardless of the territory where they were created. OCU is a compelling show with interesting characters and that is what it takes to become a hit series in the US."

Anca Truta, the CEO of Distribution & Exhibition Division of CME and the General Manager of Mediapro Distribution said, "We are very proud of OCU as it is a special format which brings a fresh take on its genre and we are very pleased with our partnership with Resonant TV and Fluent Media Group for the US."

CME trades on NASDAQ and the Prague Stock Exchange as CETV. Shares closed on 15 April 2011 at $21.39, up 0.75%.