Cinemas in Estonia Reopen with Limited Capacity

    Year of the Pig by Raimo Jõerand Year of the Pig by Raimo Jõerand photo: Filmivabrik

    TALLINN: Cinemas in Tallinn and the Ida-Viru County have been allowed to reopen since the beginning of February 2021, with a cap of 50 percent occupancy.

    Starting from 22 February, up to 200 people may participate in a cultural event. Cinemas and other venues can be open until 21:00.

    Exhibitors are still worried about the lack of blockbusters, which would attract larger audiences, but new films are being released every week. On the weekend of 19 – 21 February the most-watched films in Estonian cinemas were Wrong Turn, Magic Arch and Pixar’s Soul. For Wrong Turn and Magic Arch it was the opening weekend and both films received a little over 2,000 admissions each. Soul has been in the cinemas for 9 weeks, during which the film has gathered more than 22,000 admissions.

    Estonian feature films have postponed their premieres, but February brought some Estonian documentaries to the big screen. Among others there was Raimo Jõerand’s Year of the Pig / Sea aasta produced by Filmivabrik, which portrays the political events of the year 2019. Raimo Jõerand’s previous documentary was the festival darling Rodeo.