Estonian Government Supports Cultural Sector With 42 m EUR


    TALLINN: The Estonian government has announced a 42 m EUR support package for the struggling cultural sector. The film sector will receive 5.3 m EUR, of which 3.3 million EUR is earmarked for cinemas and film distributors. The remaining 2 m EUR goes to film productions.

    Half of the 42 m EUR aid package will go to cultural events organisers. and 6.7 m EUR is meant for freelance creatives.

    In 2020, the Estonian Film Institute distributed 1.3 m EUR as compensation measures to face the challenges in the film sector caused by the COVID-19 virus outbreak. The Estonian government also boosted the film sector with an additional 3 m EUR awarded in 2020 to support new productions in 2021.

    Estonia is currently facing a lockdown and cinemas as well as other cultural institutions remain closed at least until mid-April.