The Hungarian National Film Fund Names Committee Members

By FNE Staff

BUDAPEST: After its establishment three months ago, the Hungarian National Film Fund has announced the names of the five film professionals who will make the decisions on grants for the Hungarian film industry.

The members are:

Andrew G. Vajna, producer and government commissioner of the Hungarian film industry;

Agnes Havas, CEO of the Hungarian National Film Fund and former producer of feature films, documentaries and television productions:

Reka Divinyi, screenwriter of Hungarian blockbusters including Children of Glory, and Just Sex and Nothing Else;

Peter Miskolczi, producer of Hungarian art films including Simon, the Magician and Taxidermia and co-producer of international films shot in Hungary including The Secret of Moonacre:

Andras Balint Kovacs, PhD, founder and head of the film theory and film history department at the ELTE University, and author of books on Andrei Tarkovsky and European modernism.

Havas earlier stated that the new call for grants would be probably take place in August. The Hungarian National Film Fund will be the only institution supporting film production on a national level in Hungary. Since the Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation (www.mmka.hu) became insolvent a year ago, no new calls for film production have been held. The MMKA has a debt of 10 billion HUF (35 million EUR), leaving the producers, cinema operators, distributors and other shareholders of the film industry in an awkward position. The new Film Fund has the responsibility of consolidating this debt.