Puskás feature in preproduction

By Zsolt Gyenge

    Legendary Hungarian soccer player, Ferenc Puskás is the protagonist of an ambitious feature project which is planned to be finished in 2012. Producer Ádám Neményi told film.hu that the script written by Norbert Köbli is in rewrites at Fade In Script Consulting (http://fadein.eu).

    The producer is seeking a Hungarian filmmaker, or somebody with Hungarian roots. The film will be a Hungarian-Irish-Spanish co-production with a budget of 10 million Euros, with 50% covered by the Hungarian partners.

    Shooting will last 40 days and will begin in August 2011 in Hungary, Spain and maybe in Ireland. Ninety percent of the staff will be Hungarian, but the main role will be played by an English star, and the producers hope to find also a Spanish star for the project. The national premiere will be in 2012.

    Production information:

    Puskás feature

    Budget: 10 million euros

    Premiere: 2012

    Next Station Productions

    Address: H-1032, Budapest, Bécsi út 126-128

    Tel.: +361-430 0174

    Fax: +361-2409447

    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.