A Company, Budapest Film to cooperate in VOD business


    Berlin-based A Company Consulting & Licensing AG and Hungarian independent distributor Budapest Film have agreed to establish a European VOD platform called Filmklik Europe. The deal calls for A Company to acquire shares of the VOD operator Filmklik Hungary which launched on June 1, 2007.

    Under the agreement, Filmklik Hungary (www.filmklik.hu) and A Company (www.a-company-ag.com) will establish a pan-European VOD platform that will initially focus on Central and Eastern European territories (Bulgaria, Romania, the Baltic states, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia). Filmklik Europe will offer all films acquired by Eastern European Acquisition Pool or EEAP (www.eeap.de), associated with A Company.

    "Both partners intend to develop Filmklik Europe to become one of the leading VOD platforms in Central and Eastern Europe very soon," said Peter Bognar, co-managing director of Budapest Film, in a statement on Feb. 7. "Together with local partners in each territory, we are able to approach costumers reflecting different national tastes, cinematic traditions and marketing strategies."

    By the end of 2008, Filmklik plans to be online in almost all Central and Eastern European countries. In 2009, the service will be expanded to many CIS territories as well.