Nine Miles Down wraps in Hungary


    Nine Miles Down, the only foreign movie currently in production in Hungary, has completed four weeks of shooting in Hungary, Csaba Czinkoczky, head of the domestic producer Silverback Company (www.silverback.hu), told FNE on Feb. 18. Shooting on the feature film starring Nick Nolte and Adrian Paul had been halted for nearly four months because the previous Hungarian partner, Laurinfilm, was unable to secure a bank guarantee.

    The $22 million co-production (http://www.ninemilesdown.com), was at the stage where the sets - costing 60 million forints (€240,000 euros) - were being dismantled, the production office was being eliminated and the English team left for home, when Silverback took over the contracts from Laurinfilm. Shooting in Hungary wrapped on Feb. 16.

    Silverback worked with the British-US company Seven Arts (www.7artspictures.com), their first collaboration.

    Nine Miles Down is described as a philosophical journey into the psyche of a man struggling to escape his tortured past. There was a closing party on Sunday, and the crew, including the director Anthony Waller (An American Werewolf in Paris, 1997; The Guilty, 2000) "was very pleased," said Czinkoczky.

    Nick Nolte will join the shooting in Tunis for three weeks in March.

    Meanwhile, Czinkoczky says negotiations will begin Wednesday with three producers about a new American production shooting in Hungary starting in this April.