Hungarian 3D animation Egill in production

Áron Gauder, director of the internationally successful feature animation, Nyócker (The District) is in an advanced phase of his new project, a 3D animation with a complex visual world, Egill,…

SPI signs Hungarian cable deal

A distribution agreement has been concluded between the film channel operator SPI International and the television channel distribution company Tematik Kábel.

FNE interview with the President of Hungarian Motion PIcture Foundation. Zoltán Kőrösi

Distribution is the weakest point of the Hungarian film industry - says the new president of the Hungarian Motion Picture Foundation in his interview. Instead of 25-31 films per year…

Hungarian ticket prices rise

Hungarian ticket prices and sales rose in the first half of 2010, while the number of screenings declined, according to

PRODUCTION: Hungarian Exit in preproduction

Balázs Lóth is in preproduction with his feature debut Exit, a dark Hungarian psycho-thriller in preproduction about a witness suffering of amnesia who has to search his memory to unveil…

PRODUCTION: Magic Boys nears end of shooting

Magic Boys, which stars Michael Madsen and Vinnie Jones, will complete filming after two more shoots in London and Budapest. The film, directed by Róbert Koltai, is being shot mainly…

PRODUCTION: Miklauzic film in post-production

Hungarian director Bence Miklauzic (Sleepwalkers, 2002) and is in post-production with his second full length feature, Children of the Green Dragon (A zöld sárkány gyermekei). The theatrical release is planned…

Puskás feature in preproduction

Legendary Hungarian soccer player, Ferenc Puskás is the protagonist of an ambitious feature project which is planned to be finished in 2012. Producer Ádám Neményi told that the script…

Weekend postponed

The shooting of Weekend by director Áron Mátyássy (winner of the main prize of the Hungarian Film Week with his first feature Utolsó idők / Last Times), is postponed until…

PRODUCTION: Nagy lands lead in Paw

Hungarian actor Ervin Nagy (Chameleon) will play the main role in Robert Pejó's new feature, Paw (Mancs). According to producer László Kántor, Nagy was chosen over Jean Reno and Christopher…

Mirage heads to CineLink

Hungarian director Szabolcs Hajdu's Mirage will be present at the CineLink market in Sarajevo (

MEDIAWAVE announces film workshop

MEDIAWAVE Foundation is organising its 19th annual Passport Control Film workshop from July 30 to August 7 in Kisharsány, Southern Hungary.

Two Hungarian film projects presented in Paris

Szabolcs Hajdu's (Bibliotheque Pascal, White Palm) Mirage and Bálint Kenyeres's (The History of Aviation) Hier (Tegnap) have been selected for the co-production forum and development platform organised by the Paris…

PRODUCTION: Istanbul begins filming in July

Hungarian director Ferenc. Török's film Istanbul, the story of a middle aged woman who is abandoned by her husband, begins filming in Istanbul July 12 for a 13 day shoot.…

PRODUCTION: Emerson and Co. received funding

Director Krisztina Goda (Children of Glory, Just Sex and Nothing Else) has received a declaration of intent for funding from the Hungarian Motion Picture Association (MMKA - for the…

PRODUCTION: Szász directs Goodbye Komárom

Hungarian director János Szász will be taking on an English speaking project with working title Goodbye Komárom.

PRODUCTION; Szász in pre-production with The Notebook

Hungarian director János Szász is preparing for his new film, an adaptation of Le Grand Cahier (The Notebook), a novel by Agota Kristof.

DISCOP East Announces 2011 dates

The 19th session of DISCOP East will again take place at the Sofitel in Budapest from June 21 to June 23, 2011, with DISCOPRO taking place after the market on…

PRODUCTION: Robert Pejo in Pre-Production on Paw (Mancs)

BUDAPEST: Hungarian director Robert Pejo is in pre-production on his new film, Paw, a story based on the real life of the famous Hungarian rescue dog and his trainer Laszlo…

CineFest received MEDIA funding

CineFest, the international film festival held in the northern Hungarian city of Miskolc, has received funding support from the MEDIA program of the European Union ( for the second year.…