Five International Projects Approved by Riga Film Fund


    RIGA: The Riga Film Fund has announced five projects selected to receive cash rebates in the amount of 511,732 EUR for the films to be shot in Latvia this year.

    The cash rebate scheme covers up to 25% of expenses in Latvia for the costs related to production: rental of spaces and equipment, transportation, accommodation, creative and administrative costs, and others. Estimated budgets for spending during production in Latvia and eligible for the cash rebate, amount to 2,508,181 EUR.  

    Among the selected projects there are two Estonian films, a Polish, a UK, and a German production.

    Ego Media will partner with Estonian Allfilm for the film Kalev, a sports drama on an Estonian basketball team of the same name, based on true events from the early 1990s. This is the only project entitled to the 25% of cash rebate, as Riga will be the location in the film’s story. For other projects the rate is 20%. The shooting will take place in August.

    Film Angels Studio will work together with Now-films (UK) on a gothic horror film with elements of thriller genre, Raven’s Hollow, in which Edgar Allan Poe will be the main character Kalev by Ove Musting, photo: Allfilm(production set for October).

    The second production for Film Angels Studio is Melchior the Apothecary with Estonian Taska Film, a trilogy based on the books of medieval crime story set in the Hansa union time in Tallinn. The project is set for shooting in August and September.

    Tasse Film will collaborate with Poland’s Studio Metrage on the project Wedding II, a tragicomic drama looking back at the events of WWII in Poland. The film’s planned shooting period in Latvia is end of July and August.

    Cinevilla Films will partner with Story House Production (Germany) for a project Terra X – One Day…, a historical documentary TV film trilogy. Shooting will involve staged scenes reconstructing Medieval times, New York during the industrial revolution, and Dresden after WWII. The shooting is going to start in the second half of July and finish in September.  

    The total budget for the fund in 2020 is 800,000 EUR. The support programme closes on 30 September.