Little Robbers starts principal photography

By Ieva Pitruka

    The Latvian family adventure Little Robbers, directed by Armands Zvirbulis, began principal photography on the Riga Film Studio sound stages on July 8.

    The eight-week shoot is entirely placed in Latvia and will feature the capital city Riga and picturesque locations in countryside. The Latvian cast is joined by Karl Markovics of The Counterfeiters (2007 Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film).

    The film is budgeted at €1.1 million with backing from the National Film Center of Latvia, the Vienna Film Fund, and the Austrian Film Institute. Little Robers is produced by Gatis Upmalis (of the Latvian production company Studio F.O.R.M.A.), who previously produced a national hit and festival favorite, the family film Waterbomb for the Fat Tomcat (2004).

    Little Robbers is the first non-German language film with Austria as a minority co-producer. The Austrian co-producers are Fiona Meisel and Katja Dor-Helmer of Minifilm. Post-production will take place in Austria with Britta Nahler (The Countrfeiters) as editor and Walter Cikan (Slumming) as composer. The Latvian premiere of the film is set for spring 2009, in time to appeal to Easter holiday audiences.