Single Digital Market Assembly to be Held in Riga

RIGA: The digital assembly 2015, coorganised by the European Comission and the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, will be held in Riga to discuss the single…

Film Education Initiative for Teachers Launched in Latvia

RIGA: The National Film Centre of Latvia in collaboration with the National Centre for Education has developed a new project entitled “Kino Skolās”, which aims at promoting accessibility and knowledge…

Record Attendance for European Films in Latvia

RIGA: Latvian cinemas saw a dramatic increase in admissions for European films in 2014.

Latvian EU Presidency Encourages Film

BRUSSELS: The National Film Center of Latvia has compiled a comprehensive list of films, from classics to contemporary masterpieces, to be released in a new collection. This initiative is a…

PRODUCTION: Māris Martinsons in Preproduction with Magic Kimono

RIGA: Director Māris Martinsons will begin shooting a Latvian/Estonian/Japanese feature length modern-day fairytale, Magic Kimono / Maģiskais kimono, in August 2015. The film is a coproduction between Krukfilms in Latvia,…

Latvia Announces Coproduction Cash Rebates in 2015

RIGA: The National Film Centre of Latvia and Riga Film Fund confirmed a total of 829,081 EUR going to seven projects in the film coproduction cash rebate session for 2015.

Latvia Raises Cash Rebate Budgets and Adds €7,5 million Funding To Celebrate Centennial

CANNES: Following its successful turn as last year’s EFA host, Latvia continues the momentum by raising the budgets for their international co-production rebates.

Latvian Cinema in Cannes 2015

CANNES: After hosting last year’s EFA Awards in Riga, Latvia arrives in Cannes to present its filmmakers and its international co-production rebates that are increasingly attracting foreign productions to Latvia.

PRODUCTION: Aik Karapetian Preps Firstborn

RIGA: Writer/director Aik Karapetian continues to work on genres not typical for the Latvian cinema. After the successful horror picture The Man in the Orange Jacket, produced by Lokomotive Productions,…

GRANTS: Latvia Announces First Grants in 2015

RIGA: National Film Centre of Latvia distributed 911,954 EUR to 12 projects in the first film production grants session in 2015.

PRODUCTION: Ivars Tontegode shooting Knutification

RIGA: Director Ivars Tontegode is shooting a biographical documentary feature Knutification/Nepareizais about the life of Knuts Skujenieks, a poet who survived the Soviet prison camps and was later to become…

PRODUCTION: Era of Dance Shooting

RIGA: Viktors Buda and his team at VFS Films are shooting Era of Dance / Dejulaikmets, a music documentary on Rave, Dance and DJ cultures that bridged West Germany and…

PRODUCTION: Latvian Romeo and Juliet in Production

RIGA: Director Maris Martinsons continues work on Romeo and Juliet / Romeo un Džuljeta, his interpretation of Shakespeare's play. Here, the love story is set in contemporary Latvian society and…

PRODUCTION: Sex And The USSR A Double Life in Production

RIGA: Inara Kolmane is working on her archive-footage based documentary project about the intimate side of the life behind the Iron Curtain in Sex And The USSR, A Double Life/Sekss…

Five Latvian Feature Films to be Released in 2015

RIGA: Five Latvian features, including Laila Pakalnina's Dawn, are expected to be released in 2015.

FNE TV at Riga Meetings 2014: Vilnis Kalnellis director Rija Films

FNE asked Latvian producer Vilnis Kalnellis about the advantages of working as a producer in a small country like Latvia and the particular problems producers in small countries face.

FNE TV at Riga Meetings 2014: Latvian producer Andris Gauja

FNE spoke to the young Latvian producer and director Andris Gauja of The Lesson about how the new generation of Latvian filmmakers are using crowd funding, pitching sessions and other…

PRODUCTION: Janis Nords Develops Survivalist

TALLLINN: Latvian director Janis Nords is writing Survivalist, a drama of a schoolmaster who fakes his own death to escape mounting personal and financial pressures.

FNE at Riga IFF 2014: Mother, I Love You Wins Top Latvian Award

RIGA: Mother, I Love You directed by Jānis Nords scooped the best Latvian feature film as well as the award for best director, best actress and the audience award at…
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