Lithuanian Films Score Big With International Audiences

    The Ancient Woods by Mindaugas Survila The Ancient Woods by Mindaugas Survila

    VILNIUS: The number of Lithuanian films being distributed and screened internationally has made big gains in recent years according to information just released by the Lithuanian Film Centre.

    A total of 22 Lithuanian documentaries have been released and screened internationally in 2018 making it one of the best years ever for Lithuanian docs. Another seven feature films and four animated films screened abroad last year.

    The productivity of national cinema was on the rise in 2018 with 54 new films of various lengths and genres produced, of which 28 were feature films. Most of them were supported by the Lithuanian Film Centre.

    In 2017, a total of 41 films were produced, of which 15 were feature films.

    And 2019 looks like it will be another bumper year for Lithuanian documentaries abroad.

    The list includes:

    Bridges of Time / Laiko tiltai by Audrius Stonys and Latvia‘s Kristīne Briede (a coproduction between VFS Films, Studio Nominum and Vesilind), which won the Best Documentary at the Seattle IFF;

    Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė’s Acid Forest / Rūgštus miškas, winner of the First Film Grand Award at ZINEBI in Bilbao, Spain;

    The opera-performance Sun & Sea (Marina) / Saulė ir jūra, by Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, winner at the Venice Art Biennale 2019

    Aiste Žegulyte's Animus Animalis (a story about People, Animals, and Things) / Animus Animalis (istorija apie žmones, žvėris ir daiktus (Meno Avilys), which received the Grand Prix at the Brussels IFF

    Mindaugas Survila’s The Ancient Woods / Sengirė, which has been screened in 27 countries.

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