PRODUCTION: Koszałka Shooting Lust Killer in Krakow

By FNE Staff

    {mosimage}KRAKOW: Polish documentary filmmaker Marcin Koszałka is midway through filming Lust Killer, a documentary about serial killers.

    Filming in Krakow should be concluded by 30 April 2012. The film is produced by Natalia Bartkowicz-Koszałka Darklight Film Studio (www.darklight.pl) in co-production with the Krakow Festival Office (www.biurofestiwalowe.pl) and NON STOP Film Service (www.nsfs.pl).

    The budget is 272,690 PLN with a 100,000 PLN grant from the Krakow Regional Film Fund. The film also received support from the Krakow Film Commission (www.film-commission.pl).

    "The Krakow Regional Film Fund decided to support Marcin Koszałka's project because of the tight connection of both the filmmakers and the characters as well as the subject matter with the city of Krakow and the Małopolska Region. In addition, the involvement of Marcin Koszałka who is simultaneously the director, screenwriter and cinematographer for this picture assures this project's promising artistic quality. This film is a discerning attempt to determine what are the limits of research that can be done on the human psyche," Dariusz Nosal from Krakow Film Commission told FNE.

    Koszałka focuses on the stories of three sexually deviant serial killers from Poland. The first is Joachim Knychała, a killer who was active in Silesia and whose confessions were recorded on extraordinary archive police footage shot before 1985, when he became the last person sentenced to death in Poland. The second is a Krakow serial killer nicknamed the "Red Spider" because of the notes he used to leave for the police written in red ink after each of his murders, who has been serving a life sentence for the last 42 years at a high security psychiatric ward. The third subject of the film is Andrzej Ciszewski, who has left prison 2 years ago after serving a 25-year sentence for killing four women, cutting off their left breasts and keeping them as souvenirs in a closet.

    Koszałka will use several narrative techniques to showcase their stories including archive police footage, films from the visits to the crime scenes, reports of living witnesses and images of the killers in their current environment. Lust Killer will also explore the fascination of the general public, as well as the dark side of human nature.

    The premiere of Lust Killer is planned for winter 2012/2013, with both local and international distribution.
    Production contact:

    Natalia Bartkowicz-Koszałka Darklight Film Studio
    ul. Normandzka 38
    30-383 Krakow
    Tel. 501 622 810
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