Lodz Film Fund grants €3.1 million to six projects

By Katarzyna Grynienko
    The second edition of the Lodz competition for film projects promoting the city awarded €3.1 million to three documentaries, two features, and one short animation.
    According to a press release from the Lodz City Office the amount of money that each film will receive is determined by the number of points gained during the competition and intrest from production companies. The documentary Kern, a biography of lawyer/politician Andrzej Kern directed by Grzegorz Krolikiewicz and produced by Studio N-Art (www.studionart.com.pl), received the highest total, 529 out of 600 possible points.

    The other documentaries are Nekropolis, directed by Andrzej Czulda and produced by Educational Film Studio in Lodz (www.wfo.com.pl), and Bunt na Lodzi (Mutiny on the Boat) directed by Jacek Talczewski and produced by Studio Stell. The first film deals with the controversial joint history of Poland, Russia, and Germany symbolized by a Warsaw cemetery. The second is covers to the history of Lodz and the student protests of 1981.

    The features awarded are I Am Yours, a psychological drama about abortion from Mariusz Grzegorczyk and produced by KRAKATAU spolka z.o.o. ( www.krakatau.pl), which already received €3 million in funding from the Polish Film Institute (www.pisf.pl): and Awaiting Rain, directed by Piotr Trzaskalski and produced by Opus-Film (www.opusfilm.com).

    Finally, animated feature Zuzanna, directed by Daria Kopiec and produced by SE-MA-FOR (www.se-ma-for.com). and already granted €46,500 from PFI, was chosen with the note that Lodz is celebrating the 60th anniversary of Polish animation this year.

    The fund stipulates that at least one part of production must be realized in Lodz, presenting a positive image of the city. The films must be completed by November, 2008.