Polish Film Shortlisted for Oscars

    Close Ties by Zofia Kowalewska Close Ties by Zofia Kowalewska

    WARSAW: A documentary by a Polish film student has made the first cut in the Oscar Race. Zofia Kowalewska’s Close Ties is one of ten films still in the running for the Best Documentary Short Oscar.

    A total of 61 films was entered in the competition.

    Kowalewska, who is a 21-year-old student at the Lodz Film School, made the film about her grandparents celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary under the cloud of the grandfather’s infidelities. The film won the Best Documentary prize at the Krakow Film Festival, which announced the news on its website.

    The film was produced by Munk Studio.

    The list of the five finalists for the Oscar will be announced on 24 January 201