Seven CEE Films Receive Eurimages Support

    "And There Was Love in the Ghetto" "And There Was Love in the Ghetto"

    STRASBOURG: Coproductions from Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Romania and Poland are among 17 films selected for Eurimages funding during the December 2012 meeting.

    The Eurimages Fund distributed 5,870,000 EUR in its last round.

    Two Croatian coproductions, A Patriotic Man (www.artfilmsproduction.com) and Lazar, were supported. The list also includes a Polish documentary coproduction, And There Was Love in the Ghetto from Andrzej Wajda and Jolanta Dylewska (www.otterfilm.pl).

    Kornél Mundruczo won support for the Hungarian coproduction White God (www.protoncinema.hu) and Juris Kursietis’ Latvian coproduction Modris (www.modrisfilm.com) was also among the successful applicants. Romania’s Libra Film (www.librafilm.net) is coproducing the Spanish feature Cannibal, and Turkey received funding for I Am Not Him (www.altcine.com).


    The complete list of supported films follows:

    - A Patriotic Man - Arto Halonen, Finland (Finland, Croatia)

    - White God - Kornél Mundruczo, Hungary (Hungary, Germany, Sweden) 

    - Modris- Juris Kursietis, Latvia (Latvia, Germany, Greece)

    - Me & Kaminski - Wolfgang Becker, Germany (Germany, Belgium)

    - And there was love in the ghetto...- Andrzej Wajda & Jolanta Dylewska,  Poland (Poland, Germany) - Documentary    

    - Enklava - Goran Radovanovic, Serbia (Germany, Serbia)

    - Rocketman - Dagur Kari Petursson,  Iceland (Iceland, Denmark)           

    - La rançon de la gloire - Xavier Beauvois, France (France, Switzerland, Belgium)

    - The Six-Fingered Man - Yannis Economides, Cyprus - Greece (Greece, Germany, Cyprus)

    - Le Prince et les 108 Démons - Pascal Morelli, France (France, Luxembourg, Belgium, China)  Animation film

    - Like the Wind - Marco Simon Puccioni, Italy (Italy, France)

    - I am not him (Ben o degilim) - Tayfun Pirselimoglu, Turkey (Turkey, Germany, France, Greece)

    - Every thing will be fine- Wim Wenders, Germany  (Germany, Sweden)

    - Human Capital - Paolo Virzi, Italy (Italy, France)

    - Lazar- Svetozar Ristovski,  (“The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, Canada, France)

    - Cannibal - Manuel Martin Cuenca, Spain (Spain, Romania, Russia, France)

    - Akwaba - Benoît Mariage, Belgium (Belgium, France, Switzerland)