CEE Animation Forum 2020: TV and Short Film Projects


    PRAGUE: The CEE Animation Forum, taking place in an online edition 6-8 October 2020, presented 28 projects to an international audience.

    They include the following TV series and short film projects for children, teens, and adults:

    Cosmogonic (Poland)
    Directed by Pawel Szarzynski and Lauren Dubowski
    Produced by Marta Szarzynska for Kinhouse Studio
    Supported by the Polish Film Institute
    8-minute XR/New Media film for teenagers
    A planet ruled by a cruel king is saved by the arrival of an alien.
    The producers are seeking financing.

    Betti and Lola (Croatia)
    Directed by Hana Trintor
    Produced by Drasko Ivezic for Adriatic Animation
    A 20-part, 3-minute series for young adults.
    Betti lives with her talking dog Lola, who gives her advice and helps her deal with her problems.
    The producers are seeking a coproducer.

    The Voice (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ivan Bogdanov and Vesseka Dantcheva
    Produced by Vessea Dantcheva for Compote Collective
    A 12-minute film for adults.
    A mediocre singer with dreams of being an opera singer finds his voice magically transformed, but when the magic transfers to his pet dog, he kills the dog in a failed attempt to regain the magic voice.
    The producers are seeking a coproducer.

    Paperback VR (Lithuania)
    Directed by Robertas Nevecka
    Produced by Giedre Burakaite for Meno avilys
    A 4-part, 5-minute XR/New Media series for teenagers.
    A 3D CGI interactive virtual reality series based on five iconic pieces of Lithuanian literature.
    The producers are seeking a coproducer.

    The Garden of Hearts (Hungary)
    Directed by Oliver Hegyi
    Produced by Balint Gelley for CUB Animation
    An 8-minute film for young adults and adults.
    A young man dreaming of becoming an artist faces his demons and finds romance as he interviews for a place at the Academy.
    The producers are seeking a coproducer.

    That Castle (Slovakia)
    Directed by Kaoru Furuko
    Produced by Zuzana Jankovicova for Super film
    A 10-minute film for teens and young adults.
    Based on a national fairytale, the film is the story of overcoming the obstacles we build for ourselves and the goodness within.
    The producers are seeking a coproducer.

    Just Between Us (Croatia)
    Directed by Petra Balekic
    Produced by Masa Udovicic for Luma Film
    A 9-minute film for young adults and adults.
    A young woman returns to her hometown to confront her ailing father and her memories of sexual abuse.
    The producers are seeking sales agents.

    Face Recognition (Estonia)
    Directed and produced by Martinus Klemet for Animartinus
    A 7-minute film for young adults and adults.
    A drunken man stopped by the police begins to morph into a gorilla’s face, and after joining him in a drinking session, the police also morph into the faces of animals.
    The producers are looking for sales agents, distributors, and a world premiere slot.