New Docu Talents at KVIFF

By FNE Staff

    The Institute of Documentary Film (www.dokweb.net ) will present nine work-in-progress documentary films under the banner "Docu Talents from the East" at the Karlovy Vary film festival (www.kviff.com ) on July 6. Each if the films is planned for completion in 2010-2011.

    The Central and East European filmmakers represented include Vít Klusák, Erika Hníková, Martin Ryšavý, Pavel Kostomarov, Marianna Kaat, Gyula Nemes, Salome Jashi, Marek Šulík and Andris Gauja. Docu Talents from the East takes place July 6, 2010, at 10:30am at Hotel Thermal, Karlovy Vary.

    The projects are presented by directors and producers within the Karlovy Vary IFF industry programme. Each project is given 10 minutes, including the trailer or clip.