FNE at TIFF 2016 Romanian Days: In Search of the Lost Father

    In Search of the Lost Father by Ionut Teianu In Search of the Lost Father by Ionut Teianu photo: Ionut Teianu

    CLUJ-NAPOCA: Ionut Țeianu's documentary In Search of the Lost Father / În căutarea tatălui pierdut will have its world premiere in the Romanian Days at the 15th edition of Transilvania IFF (TIFF, 27 May - 5 June 2016) before hitting the cinemas.

    When John was born, in 1934, his mother gifted him with three names: John, Constantin and Brâncuși. She told him his father was Constantin Brâncuși, the famous sculptor, but that he was never to tell a soul. John kept that secret his entire life. Now, at the age of 78, he embarks on a difficult quest to find his lost father.

    Ionuț Teianu followed John for three years, from the Parisian Atelier Brâncuși to the Montparnasse cemetery, where Brâncuși is buried, and from Christie's in New York, where his father's works are selling for millions, to Hobița, the Romanian village where Brâncuși was born.

    If John is legally recognized as Brâncuși's son, he would inherit half of his father's legacy and his life will change forever.

    "As usual, I am telling a story. I didn't want to prove anything. What propelled me was the interest for the destiny of a man who has kept a secret his entire life. And the consequences of that behaviour", Teianu told FNE.

    In Search of the Lost Father was produced by Tudor Giurgiu through Libra Film in coproduction with France's Piments Pourpres, with the support of the Romanian CNC. Shooting took place in 2012-2016.

    Previously Ionuț Teianu wrote the script of Tudor Giurgiu's Of Snails and Men / Despre oameni și melci (2012, Libra Film) and directed the documentary The Tănase Dossier / Afacerea Tanase (2013, Libra Film). Transilvania Film is handling the sales.

    Production Information:
    Libra Film
    52 Popa Soare Str., Et.1, Ap.4 Sector 2
    Bucharest, Romania
    Phone / Fax: +40 213266480, +40 213260268
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    Director: Ionuț Teianu
    Scriptwriter: Ionuț Teianu
    DoP: Ionuț Teianu
    Editor: Alina Teodorescu
    Original music: Cristian Lolea
    Cast: John Moore