Romanian Film Centre Reassures Filmmakers It Has Funds for Film Production


    BUCHAREST: The Romanian Film Centre (CNC) stated that the COVID-19 related measures announced on 26 March 2020 mean a postponement of some payments not their suspension, and that the Film Fund has all the money necessary for film production.

    The filmmakers who signed an appeal to the CNC asked to be invited to further discussions to prevent what they called an “effective block” of the film industry. In response, the CNC said that the restrictive measures will end once the restrictions caused by COVID-19 are lifted.

    In the meantime, the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis announced on 6 April 2020 that the state of emergency will continue for one month.

    The council of administration of the CNC said in its answer to the appeal of 160 Romanian filmmakers that the decisions to restrain its activity followed the presidential decree regarding the state of emergency and are also justified by its lack of personnel.

    The CNC also said that the decision took into account 17 requests for postponement of film production contracts and 18 requests for postponement or cancellation of film events and festivals, and that some of the people who requested these postponements also signed the filmmakers appeal.

    “An exception to the decision taken by the council of administration of the CNC on 26 March 2020 are animated films and projects in development as well as various specific situations, for example if the producer wrapped shooting at their own expense or through co-financing and hasn't asked for the CNC production funding yet”, Anca Mitran, the head of the CNC, told FNE.

    She also said that the whole Romanian film industry has halted activities, including Castel Film Studio, the biggest film production studio in Romania, which cancelled four international productions and is temporarily closed, putting its 140 employees on unemployment.