Hungarian Film Day Celebrated on All Hungarian Screens

    Hungarian Film Day Celebrated on All Hungarian Screens credit: NFI HU

    BUDAPEST: The Hungarian Film Day, held on 30 April since 2018, is celebrated during a whole week from 29 April to 5 May 2024 with the participation of the National Film Institute – Hungary (NFI) as well as cinemas, TV channels and streaming platforms.

    Over 100 classic and contemporary films will screen on 19 TV channels as well as in cinemas and on most of the streaming platforms available in Hungary, according to NFI.

    Cinema City, the country's largest multiplex cinema chain, offers discounted tickets for the latest Hungarian films, while the FILMIO platform streams domestic films free of charge.

    Magyaranimacio.hu, a website presenting the rich history of Hungarian animation, was launched on the Hungarian Film Day to celebrate 110 years of Hungarian animation.

    “Our common goal is to widely promote the work of Hungarian filmmaking teams, our shared stories, and our heroes, as well as to revisit our favourites, whether they are recent hits and exciting discoveries or black-and-white classics restored to a high standard,” said Csaba Káel, Government Commissioner for the Development of the Motion Picture Industry and President of the National Film Institute - Hungary.

    The day of 30 April marks the anniversary of the public premiere of the first Hungarian film, The Dance / A Táncz (1901) by Béla Zsitkovszky and Gyula Pekár.