FNE at TIFF 2020:Romanian Days: Uppercase Print

    Uppercase Print by Radu Jude Uppercase Print by Radu Jude Silviu Ghetie

    CLUJ-NAPOCA: Uppercase Print, one of the two films by Radu Jude selected for the 2020 Berlinale’s Forum, will screen in the Romanian Days section of the 19th edition of the Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF) running in Cluj-Napoca from 31 July to 9 August 2020.

    Uppercase Print / Tipografic majuscul is an experimental film mixing reconstructions of two files made by the Securitate (Secret Police) on Mugur Călinescu, a teenager of 16 who wrote anti-communist messages on the walls of his hometown of Botoșani in 1981, with excerpts from TV shows and programmes of that year, taken from the archives of the Romanian Television (TVR).

    The reconstructions are based on the documentary theatre play of the same title staged in 2013 by Gianina Cărbunariu, with whom Jude co-wrote the script.

    After the arrest and the investigation, that led to the files made by the Securitate, Mugur Călinescu was released and „re-integrated” (as the Securitate used to say), only to die of leukemia in 1985. Speculations connect his illness and death to the presumed poisonous coffees he was served each time he was taken to the Securitate.

    Uppercase Print is produced by Ada Solomon through microFILM in coproduction with the Romanian Television (TVR), Hi Film Productions and in association with nomada.solo. It was supported by the Romanian Film Centre and the MEDIA Programme .

    The film has been picked up by the Belgian sales company Best Friend Forever, and it was released in Romania by Hi Film Productions on 21 February 2020, right before its screenings at the Berlinale.

    The Exit of the Trains / Ieşirea trenurilor din gară, directed by Radu Jude and historian Adrian Cioflâncă, which had its world premiere at the Berlinale 2020, is set for domestic release in autumn 2020, if the COVID-19 pandemic will allow it.

    Production Information:


    Romanian Television (TVR)

    Hi Film Productions
    In association with nomada.solo


    Director: Radu Jude
    Scriptwriters: Gianina Cărbunariu, Radu Jude
    DoP: Marius Panduru
    Editor: Cătălin Cristutiu
    Cast: Șerban Lazarovici, Ioana Iacob, Șerban Pavlu, Alexandru Potocean, Bogdan Zamfir, Silvian Vâlcu