RTS and Film Center Serbia Sign Collaboration Agreement


    BELGRADE: The Serbian national broadcast company RTS and Film Center Serbia signed a collaboration agreement on 28 September 2016. The agreement comes after a series of successful joint projects between the two.

    The agreement covers a collaboration regarding the financing and co-financing of feature and documentary films, as well as exclusive TV rights for the broadcasting of features that Film Center Serbia will provide to RTS, that fit the broadcasting concept and criteria of the television network.

    This is a strategic contract that enables RTS, as a public service, to apply for co-financing grants for feature and documentary films and gives the network the pre-buy possibility for the broadcasting of documentaries.

    In addition, Film Center Serbia and RTS have agreed to create a weekly slot for domestic documentaries, especially those supported by Film Center Serbia. This contract links TV and film production even more strongly and potentially insures the TV distribution of domestic films, particularly documentaries, thus paving the way for the future passing of the bill on audiovisual activities.

    Nikola Popović, the film and foreign TV series programme director, said the main winners of this agreement are the viewers, the cinephiles and Serbian culture. “Not only will the latest Serbian films find an easier and quicker path to their audiences but the public service’s considerable resources – in terms of programme and promotion – will also be available to filmmakers thanks to the mediation of Film Center Serbia,” she said.

    The agreement is a significant step in the development of film and its presence in the media and will show more transparency in work ethics. RTS and Film Center Serbia hope it will also give a positive example for the future connections of cultural institutions in Serbia.

    “For Film Center Serbia and Serbian Film in general, this is one of the most important documents we have signed this year, because it establishes a strong connection between two important agents, RTS and Film Center Serbia, as the principal institutions that finance domestic films. This strong connection will make a better funding of features, more importantly that of documentaries, possible,” stated Boban Jevtić, the head of Film Center Serbia, adding that he deems the signing of this agreement to be an introduction to the passing of the bill on audiovisual activities, that is already a standard in Europe.