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More Slovak Films To Be Released This Autumn Featured

Amnesty by Jonáš Karásek Amnesty by Jonáš Karásek

BRATISLAVA: An unusualy large number of Slovak films will be theatrically released in September-October 2019. The 19 domestic releases include six 100% Slovak productions, eight majority coproductions and five minority coproductions.

The six Slovak productions set for release in September-October 2019 are:

Afrika na Pionieri by Marek Slobodník (produced by Stargaze productionand distributed by Magic Box Slovakia)
Svetozár Stračina by Pavol Barabáš (produced by K2 studio s.r.o. and distributed by ASFK)
Casino.$k by Ján Sabol (produced by Art4fun, Homemedia production and Rebuy Stars, and distributed by Continental film)
Lost Home / Stratený domov by Juraj Mravec (produced by All4films and distributed by Filmtopia)
The Calling / Volanie by Erik Praus (produced by Filmpark production and distributed by ASFK)
Silent Days / Hluché dni by Pavol Pekarčík (produced by partizanfilm and distributed by Filmtopia).

The list of the eight majority coproductions include:

Let There Be Light / Nech je svetlo by Marko Škop (distributed by ASFK)
Amnesty / Amnestie by Jonáš Karásek (distributed by Continental film)
BATAstories by Peter Kerekes (distributed by Filmtopia)
Little Kingdom / Malá ríša by Peter Magát (distributed by ITAFILM)
The State Capture / Ukradnutý štát by Zuzana Piussi (produced by Ultrafilm  and distributed by VIRUS film)
Never Happened / Skutok sa stal, the first documentary by Barbora Berezňáková (produced by Leon productions and distributed by Forum Film)
The Impossible Voyage / Cesta do nemožna by Noro Držiak (produced by MEDIA FILMand KABOS Film & Media , and distributed by MEDIA FILM)
The Websters 2 - From Life of Spiders / Websterovci 2: Zo života pavúkov by Katarína Kerekesová (produced by Fool Moon and distributed by Magic Box Slovakia)

The five minority coproductions include: The Painted Bird / Pomaľované vtáča by Václav Marhoul and Prague Orgy / Pražské orgie by Irena Pavlásková, both distributed by Magic Box Slovakia.

Fourteen Slovak films were released from January to June 2019. In total, 42 films are to be released in 2019, including 12 Slovak productions (six feature films and six documentaries), 11 majority coproductions (five feature films, four documentaries and two animated films) and 19 minority coproductions (14 feature films and five documentaries), according to the Slovak Film Institute.

A total of 33 domestic films (including 17 feature films, 14 documentaries and two animated films) were released in Slovakia in 2018, of which 10 were released in September-October 2018.  Most of these 17 feature films were minority coproductions (12 titles), while five were Slovak majority coproductions.

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