Soul draws Slovak crowds

By Jana Kadlecova

    Vladimir Balko's Soul at Peace (www.pokojvdusi), has reached nearly 115,000 admissions since its premiere on January 29, turning it into a local hit.

    Typically, a Slovak films attracts around 10,000 admissions.

    The exception, and record-holder, is Juraj Jakubisko's historical film Bathory, which captured an unprecedented 422,695 admissions in 2008 -- and received a Czech Lion for the most successful film in the Czech Republic. In its opening weekend Bathory was seen by 25,925 viewers; Soul at Peace was watched by 20,464 viewers during its first weekend.

    The budget of Soul at Peace was €1.6 million. The film was produced by Jan Kovacik, the founder of the production house FORZA (www.forza.sk), which manages Slovakia's Artfilm Trencin-Trencianske Teplice film festival. The film's marketing plan included a simultaneous release of the soundtrack on the day of its premiere, with the main song becoming a hit on Slovak radio.

    Company information:
    producer: Jan Kovacik
    Forza Prodcution House,
    City Hotel Bratislava
    Seberiniho 9
    SK - 82103 Bratislava
    tel: 00421 2 324 11 100
    contact: Martin Šesták This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.