Bratislavafilm a summer hit for Slovakia

By Jana Kadlecova
    After three weeks in Slovak distribution, the low-budget Slovak film Bratislavafilm (www.bratislavafilm.sk) has pulled in 35,667 admissions.

    The only other Slovak film to attain higher results was Soul at Peace released in January, which had 79,844 viewers within its first two weeks.

    "It is great result not only in the comparison with other Slovak films but also in comparison with the foreign film productions," Jana Studena from Continental Film, s.r.o. (www.continental-film.sk) told FNE.

    The film had a strong start, drawing over 15,000 viewers in week one, compared with just over 20,000 viewers for Soul at Peace.

    Both films prove the rebirth of the Slovak film and the Slovak viewer. Bratislavafilm's, strength is due in part to an agressive and original marketing campaign succeeded in reaching the target group: teens and young adults.

    "The advertising agency Istropolitana D´arcy (www.istropolitanadarcy.com ) approached us that they would like to prepare campaign for us without paying the fees, since they saw a big potential in the pr-campaign of the film also for themselves," 22-year-old Jakub Kroner, the director, the script writer, camera-man and the editor of Bratislavafilm, told FNE. "If you don't come, you'll piss me off, " states the billboard around Slovakia.

    The genre of the rough story of hip-hop and drug subculture the suburbs of the capital city realised on film instead of cheaper digital production had been missing in Slovak films.

    The film, released on 8 copies, it is currently screened in the multi-screen cinema complexes, but Continental film plans to distribute it later in smaller, traditional cinemas.

    "The budget of the film was 66,000 Euros, 33,000 Euros was granted by the Slovak Ministry of Culture," Slavo Kralovic, producer of the film, told FNE.

    Since the language of the film is rather colloquial, it will be a challenge for the subtitles. Kroner confirmed to FNE that they are already negotiating with the Czech distributor (which would probably screen the film without subtitles). English subtitles are being produced. "We are thinking of distributing it in Poland," Kroner said.

    Slovak private television Joj bought the TV rights.


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