FNE at Slovenian Film Festival 2012: Competition: Ink Tips

By Matic Vecko
    FNE at Slovenian Film Festival 2012: Competition: Ink Tips Ink Tips directed by Polona Sepe

    POTOROZ: Ink Tips directed by Polona Sepe is a historical drama with a feminist tone, based on true events. The film is in the main competition of the 15th Slovenian Film Festival (www.fsf.si). 

    The central character is Irena, a chemical engineer who strives to develop a method for preserving ink on old photographs. She wants to use it to preserve the letters that her grandmother wrote from Alexandria, where she went in search of work.  Irena comes into conflict with her husband and even her own mother because her work demands a lot of time and energy.  Her mother believes that a wife should always listen to her husband. In spite of all the difficulties Irena perseveres with her work and beliefs, aiming to prove that times have changed and a woman can have family and a successful career.

    Ink Tips was produced by Igor Pediček and the production company Casablanca (www.casablanca.si) and coproduced by RTV Slovenija (www.rtvslo.si). The film received the Eurowistdom (European Women in Science and Technology on Message) support of the EU.


    Production Credits:
    Director:  Polona Sepe
    Screenwriter: Polona Sepe
    Producer: Igor Pediček
    Director of Photography: Bojan Kastelic
    Film Editor: Zlatjan Čučkov
    Music: Cvetka Bevc
    Sound: Marjan Drobnič
    Set Designer: Urša Loboda
    Costume Designer: Meta Sever
    Make up: Anja Rančič Godina
    Cast:  Aleksandra Balmazović, Sebastian Cavazza, Draga Potočnjak, Maša Bizjak
    Production Company: Casablanca (www.casablanca.si)
    Coproduction: RTV Slovenija (www.rtvslo.si)