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For Ever released in Slovenia

Matevz Rudolf 2009-01-13
For Ever, the latest offering from Slovenian director (and European Film Academy member) Damjan Kozole opened January 8 in Slovenia.

{mosimage}For Ever premiered last year at the Rotterdam film festival. Numerous film festivals screenings worldwide followed, and the film recently won the Golden Sun award at the Skopje (Macedonia) festival for best film from the Balkan countries.

The film shoot began without any budget. The director said, "We shot this film in six nights in my apartment with help from my friends and two HD cameras that I was testing at that time." Kozole also stated that he started to shoot this film because he (like most filmmakers in Slovenia) could not get institutional funding support due to problems in the bureaucracy at that time. The film was produced by Vertigo/Emotionfilm ( Since Kozole didn't intend the movie for a wide audience, the movie was released on only one print, with attendance reaching 430 in the first week.

The drama featuresTanya (Marjuta Slamic), a successful career woman, who is confronted by her jealous husband Mare (Dejan Spasic) when she arrives home late on a Friday night. He loses control of himself and slaps her face, not the first such incident. What follows is the night of hateful and skilful twisting of words that unveils, step by step, the dark secrets of their relationship. Behind a façade of a successful couple, there are suppressed feelings of inferiority, weaknesses, deceit, frustration and traumas.

Production Credits:

For ever

Production Company: Vertigo / Emotionfilm (

Co-production Company: E-Film

Co-funding: Slovenian Film Fund

Distribution: Cinemania group (

Director: Damjan Kozole

Screenwriter: Damjan Kozole

Producer: Danijel Hocevar

Director of Photography: Ales Belak

Film Editor: Jurij Moskon

Art director and costume design: Zora Stancic

Sound Re-recording Mixer: Bostjan Kacicnik

Sound Recordist: Samo Kozlevcar

Choreographer: Mojca Gorogranc

Production Manager: Matija Kozamernik

Music: Igor Leonardo


Marjuta Slamic - Tanja

Dejan Spasic - Mare

Aljosa Kovacic - Policeman

Matija Kozamernik - Policeman

Peter Musevski - Neighbor

Mojca Partljic - Neighbour

Primoz Petkovsek

Blaz Valic

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